Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Make sure you’ve got plenty of SD card space available!


I put another 3 hours into Xenoblade 2 just to be sure it wasn’t for me. Anddd while it clicked a little bit, it wasn’t enough. Just traded it for Zelda.

Need to share my switch code on here. I’ll rinse the lotta ya at MK8


I’ve got one of the old ones on PS3 and briefly had 2K16 on Xbox One. They’ve always looked hideous and run like shit. Not surprised.


I last one I thought was really good was WWE 13

The games have steadily gotten worse since 2k took the reigns from THQ. They just seem so confused as to what they want it to be, especially in career mode where its trying to be a sport sim and breaking keyfabe at the same time. They keep on trying to add sport sim elements to the combat whilst trying to make you put on ‘a good show’

It’s a mess, the lighting FINALLY looks better but the game is still a janky mess and has less focus than ever. They need to rebuild the thing from the ground up but it sells a shit load of copies so whats the point? I really wish they’d just focus on Universe mode and make that mode as good as it SHOULD be, but it’s barely better than when it was first introduced 6 years ago.


I’m 15-20 hours in and struggling to want to play it anything like I did the previous games. Maybe I’ve just had too much of a good thing…

Stuck on a boss 4 levels above me and I know the next 2 hours of gameplay is grinding if I want to carry on…


Are you leveling up at the Inns? You might have two or three levels in the bank from mission exp that are just sitting dormant.


Yeah I did that shortly before I started Chapter 3. Always loved the combat in the original, so tended to play it much more evenly. Story bit, few battles, side quest, few battles, story bit, etc. Only had an issue with it 70 hours in where I got to a part of the game where they changed things up and some of my levelled up characters barely caused a scratch, so had to grind for a few hours to level up someone I’d neglected.

When I played XCX however, I was much more into it for the story and exploration so tried to do the bare minimum of combat possible. Tried to do the same here, but not sure it’ll fly!


for the high brow Zelda fan in your life


is this what passes for high brow these days?


i was kidding. it’s fucking hideous


there is a nude princess version… so I guess this one is the classier of the two :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




thanks to my old housemate, my PS3 hard drive is home to a zesty collection of low quality zelda hentai. seen it all, mate


to elaborate, he’d do it so every time i turned my PS3 on I’d be greeted with a nice new picture of Ganon gnoshing Tingle


That sounds properly awful.
Something very unsettling about this.




i did say zesty didn’t i?


Rabbids Vs mode being added tomorrow!


Why wasn’t this available at launch? I would be kept the game if I knew that this was a thing


Yeah me too. Damnit!