Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Really want one after watching this but I know full well it would just gather dust (I also can’t spare an HDMI slot on my telly at the minute)


Interesting that several sources are reviewing it primarily as a handheld. Don’t know if this is good or bad for general publicity/sales.


Aye, that’s the side of it that appeals the most tbh, the idea of having proper games on a handheld is great.

Here are the things that will make me get one if they happen:

  • Nintendo back-catalogue added in some kind of app store style
  • Good third party games, Zelda, Mario and Mario Kart are literally the only titles I can imagine playing at the minute
  • A price drop/a bundle at it’s current console only price


They may well not take it until tonight; I often find they don’t dispatch for scheduled day delivery until around 11pm the day before.


They said it was going to dispatch yesterday and now it says dispatching soon D:


Wait, does this already exist? Is that what Virtual Console is? Why didn’t I know this!?


Not ready for launch though, unfortunately.


Ooft, didn’t know such a thing existed, that’s pretty huge, reckon I’ll go in for one if/when they launch it.


Yeah, like a predicable idiot I really want this now


wonder if I can pick one up tomorrow morning from a shop type place


Why does he TALK, like such a WANKER? It’s very hard to take anything he say SERIOUSLY, when he phrases everything like a bad version, of TOP GEAR.

I really want to like this, but I’ll never use it as a portable device. I loved the Wii U - the best games where a thousand times better and more original than the 3rd party yearly shit they bring out for the ‘big two’ consoles. Given I just want to plug into my telly and play Mario games, it’s definitely not worth the money.



I’ve not had a Nintendo console since the GameCube, so the idea of playing everything I’ve missed portably from the virtual store is getting me HOT.


Didn’t mean to reply directly to you SOZ


I would quite like one.

Nearly pressed the button to order one from Tesco - but I should probably wait as I don’t have enough time to play video games really and am likely to change my mind


banned act?


oooooooh Zelda has shipped apparently


Yet to hear anything from Argos today, they are absolutely killing me.


yessss and the Switch itself has dispatched. Now to sit refreshing the tracking order through the night


I appear to have ordered one, it is my birthday this month after all


Virtual Console isn’t great. They release mostly SNES and NES games and charge you like £5 per game. It’s not the netflix of nintendo sadly.