Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Interesting stuff, I didn’t realise stuff like this was about.


Those three I’ll give you for sure, maybe some of the others but comparing that to the stuff from the PS4/Xbox that won’t be available is their big problem IMO.


or the price. The Wii was a decent second console purchase because for much of its life it was under £150 with games. For all the flack it got (both deserved and undeserved), it’s a The Wii U on the other hand is still above the sweet spot for that market even in it’s death.


Super Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 8
Bayonetta 2
Pikmin 3


Speaking as pretty much a non-gamer, I’d be very interested to play Skyrim especially if it doesn’t involve buying a gaming PC or dropping several hundred quid on a proper console.


Same as I said to Colin though, you’ve got to balance it against the absences in the gaming library


(Having said that, the presence of Skyrim in the video suggests they might be trying to address that)




I dunno. I’ll be honest, none of the past decade’s ‘big-hitter’ titles have done anything for me, really.

The Wii U had the advantage of being able to play pretty much every game that had come out on a Nintendo console on it too.


Yeah, they’re shooting the moon on this. They’re pretty much leaving the hardcore FPS etc stuff to PS/Xbox and trying to do their own thing instead. They don’t want you to compare this to existing consoles so much (although everyone will obviously).

And they do have some unique stuff - Mario/Mario Kart is always a draw, Smash Bros is awesome, Pokemon will sell shitloads regardless. Gen VIII will be Switch games, you heard it here first. Pokemon Soup and Sandwich.


Mega agree

I can’t remember a console or handheld since the GC where Nintendo has worried about third-party library omissions. No one who buys a Nintendo console is buying it for GTA5. Absolutely different market


Although - GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS was absolutely cracking. It had a touchscreen-based drug-dealing minigame! So Nintendo!


Saucy name


Hold on is the lad playing Skyrim
Very current


I think Nintendo have occasionally been worried about the lack of third party support. They tried and failed to get third parties involved with the Wii U. Darksiders 2, Batman Arkham City, and Mass Effect 3 featured a lot in the initial Wii U promotion, and were meant to signify that the Wii U would cater to more “hardcare” tastes. But it obviously didn’t work.

The last Fifa for Wii U came out in 2014, which is kind of insane. You’re right in that Wii U people aren’t bothered about GTA5, but they probably do want to play Final Fantasy, Persona, Bioshock, Fifa/Pro Evo, Mass Effect Andromeda, Street Fighter, etc. That and there’s the downloadable stuff they miss out on e.g Geometry Wars, Inside, Gone Home.

It’s a different market but it’s a market Nintendo need to tap into in order to compete. Kind of get the impression that if this is the succesor to both console and handheld, they’re throwing all their eggs in one basket.


Yeah okay, I can see what you mean especially in terms of FF and SF and Fifa. The others not as sure. You’re buying into a gaming ethos almost with Nintendo. Like not playing Bioshock… surely that’s not an issue for 99% of their market?


I see this as a DS owner who bought street fighter 2 pretty much immediately


Atlus games are pledged to Switch, and Persona Q is on 3DS already.

Massive HD Shin Megami Tensei V please! ‘Big’ versions of handheld games (eg Pokemon) might be a thing for it.


Yeah that’s a good point. I think it’s quite a tough one for Nintendo, their core franchises aren’t strong enough to carry their consoles, but Sony and Microsoft have a really strong hold over the rest of the market. I’m just not sure which direction Nintendo can go in.


Persona Q on 3DS is so good! I remember developers pledging their support for the Wii and Wii U, but their support is decided where their games sell and by the looks of things they’ll sell a lot more on Playstation and Xbox.

But yeah if the Switch means there will be console versions of Pokemon then maybe it will end up being successful and have lots of continued support. I’m hoping!