Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Taste the cartridge to kill time


I did this. it really is horrible!


so been playing zelda for about 10 minutes…this feels and looks absolutely unbelievable!

It’s really hard to gauge from videos but there’s just a perfect sense of control when Nintendo are on form. Already the best looking and feeling open world game I’ve ever played.


Just ordered one and picking it up after work with Zelda.
Fucks sake


How long before you can start playing? Is it like the old days where you plug in and go, or like modern games where you plug in, wait 4 fucking hours, install some updates, and play the next day like some sort of chump?


There’s a day one update for the console that’s reportedly downloaded and installed within a minute.


yeah, it literally took less than a minute to download and install, then you can play…


Hmph. Apparently the Amazon delivery guy just brought my package to the office, spoke to the receptionist, then took it away again as there was some kind of problem with the scanner!

Sounds like it’s a weekend of licking the Zelda cart for me (not a euphemism).


Absolutely. It’s astounding how it just feels right. Can see myself playing it for hours just dicking about in a pond or climbing a tree or something


Really enjoying Fast RMX. Been playing in handheld mode and the sound, picture and rumble are all great. Really reinforcing my feeling that that is a handheld.

We are having a great day off work


well now i’m incredibly jealous. what a lovely shiba! :heart_eyes:


so far this is the most fun I’ve had with a game since MGSV and I can easily see it only getting better!


Update: he came back! Woohoo!


Still not had a text from the lovely folk at Amazon saying its home :frowning: I’m on the bus and going to do a dramatic woe is me and flop on the floor.


5mins from house, got a text :smiley:


Well jel of you lot, came within inches of ordering one from the Argos near my house but there isn’t any Zelda copies floating around so it would literally be pointless


I think you can buy it digitally from the shop, so not THAT pointless…?


Similarly, nearly ordered one several times today. Still holding firm though…

… so far…


Vile temptress!

(I like physical copies of games innit)


So which did you get/would you get if you could purchase

  • Grey
  • Neon Red/Blue

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For me, I originally thought the Grey was a far better design, but the red/blue joycons have grown on me since to the point where I might actually go for that when I do finally cave in.