Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Can’t personally stand the fact they don’t match. Both colours are nice individually


I’ll pick one up when FM17 is released on it.


You’re a very kind and supportive friend, thank you.


Until then it’s a worthless piece of shit!

(if I wouldn’t have done £500 worth of damage to my car this week I could have picked one up and still been quids up… aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh)


Feeling for these people




Friend code SW-0775-9654-5008

ADD ME. I got the future racer and a couple of neo geo games




I’m not used to modern consoles but this feels gorgeous


how’s your buyer’s remorse? gone?


Accepted! Apparently the racer doesn’t actually have friend online multiplayer, but I’m sure MK and Splatoon will have


The delivery was an hour late and I spent the whole time sitting by the window like a child waiting for Santa, so at some point then it had entirely dissolved.


:smiley: awesome


I’m considering buying fucking metal slug. why?


Metal Slug before bed! BONZA (i got metal slug)




and added.


Spent all day bricking it that it’d be turning up and going back to the depot when nobody answered, walked up my street to find the delivery guy filling out a “soz you weren’t in like” card. Hold your horses there delivery guy, divine providence brought you and I here together at this same time. Zelda looking amazing so far, I like picking fruit and cooking it.


Hurrah! Up and running at last. Like (seemingly) every one else I’ve gone for a couple of Neo Geo games (that I’ve probably already bought half a dozen times) plus Fast Racing in addition to Zelda. Loving the clickiness of the machine. It’s definitely a handheld first and foremost, and Nintendo seem to acknowledge that in the way you set it up. Reminds me of the first-generation Atari Lynx for some reason…

My friend code is SW-6796-3703-6883.


…and I’m “Fruitbat” because of the 10-character limit and because that was what I called Cloud in FF7 many years ago, when I was listening to too much Carter USM.


Yeah I see me using this as a handheld more than a gamesystem, but as a handheld I like it a lot.

The screen is gorgeous