Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Does it do any media player type stuff?


the only knock I have so far is that it feels a little heavy and cumbersome to hold as a handheld, maybe I’ll get used to it.


No. (Nothing announced yet at least - I’d be surprised if it doesn’t in due course).


How about when you buy a second pair and match them together?


Does anyone know how many puzzles there are in Snipperclips? My friend and I played the demo last night and really enjoyed it, but I’m gonna need to know how large it is before I invest


Really want one just to taste the cartridge


Bought it to play with the tv (who immediately LOVED it)- don’t think there are a huge number of levels - not certain as we only played a handful but I think around 24.


Don’t think there is gigantic amount but the facial animations are worth the price of admission alone


I’m liking it so far. Even if there aren’t loads of levels it will be fun to play co-op with the missus. They may end up releasing extra levels I suppose


I know I could probably trawl through lots of online guff to find the answer to this but I thought I’d cut through all that and ask you guys…

How easy/possible is it to use a switch to stream Netflix etc at home? Does it play DVDs? I really like the idea of getting one but it would have to do more than just games to make it justifiable (my PS4 does all that kind of extra stuff, but would the Switch??)

Thank you!


pretty certain it does none of these things


In that case, as the young people say, “Ahm oot”


Yeah, DVDs definitely not as it takes cartridges. I wouldn’t rule out streaming one day but its not there day one


Darn. Could have totally sold this as a ‘for the whole family TV/films etc machine and oh look! Zelda!’ but alas not to be :frowning:


Hog the TV and think out loud ‘oh boy oh boy I sure wish I had something with its own screen so I didn’t have to deny you guys all day’


if they’re gonna do streaming etc i’m sure they’ll roll it out before christmas


So after a weekend with it I have to say I’m surprisingly enamored with the launch line up.

Zelda, The Shovel Knight Prequel, and Race RMX have all been getting significant attention from me. Race RMX for a quick 30min gaming session, shovel knight before bed and Zelda when I’m sat in front of my tele. Still got sniperclips to try when I’m at work with some colleagues I have to say this is the most fun I’ve ever had with a launch line up.

I also seem to be in the lucky catchment of people that actually really enjoys using the joycons + joycon grip, though it’s easy to see why it won’t fit a large number of hand shapes/sizes.

Overall, very happy, love how snappy everything is how and how little bullshit there is between me n my game time! (The OS is so streamlined!)

Also battery life seems fairly substantial for games that aren’t Zelda, even Race RMX seems to drain 1/3 the rate about half the rate Zelda does from my experience

Bomberman seems functional but is easily the weakest game I own, will reserve judgement for when I get the chance to do some local multiplayer, the online for that game was a laggy mess (Race RMX seemed fine though)


Got one of these sitting in my cart on Amazon as I type, but just happened to check my phone and saw a Guardian article about some problem with the screen on (apparently) quite a few of them. Something about dead pixels? Nintendo are taking the ‘this is normal’ stance and not offering support/replacements.

Anyone had any problems so far?


Sat with sodding stock checker websites for it here, should have just got one on launch day when my local Argos had them, was absolutely kidding myself that I’d resist


Exactly same. Have been defeated by the hype.

Post back if you find somewhere.