Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


No problems here, not sure about everyone else. It’s alway risky to buy 1st gen products, so buyer beware? Maybe purchase it on a credit card via a large retailer known for strong customer service just in case you need to dispute the item?


Was going to say this. Failing that, buy online and you’ve got 14 days to return under Consumer Contract Regulations. Obviously the more reputable the company, the easier it’ll be.

From what I’ve seen online, there’s a few issues hitting a small minority of Switch buyers - left joycon desync, some (not that many so far as I can tell) with a couple of dead pixels and one or two that have failed outright. Doesn’t feel like it’s any more than you’d normally expect for a product launch - certainly not Red Ring of Death kind of issues - but it’s difficult to gauge.


Internet appears to be in a real huff about day 1 issues with the console, particularly the stand scratching the unit. I haven’t had anything on mine yet luckily, but I’ll probably be getting myself a screen protector sooner rather than later.


No idea what my code is but I’m going to add you folks if that’s cool. All plan on getting MK8 Deluxe?




Yup to Mario Kart btw


Nice one. A DiS Mario Kart competition would be cool. (Well as cool as adults on a music forum playing Mario Kart can get!)


Deffo getting in on this (when I inevitably buy one next payday)


I too want to play Mario Kart with DISers


So say we all


Yep :slight_smile:




Yep! :grin:




What so when you buy a pair of additional joycon, the grip is sold separately? :unamused:


So a Mario Kart grand prix is almost certainly happening :smiley: YAAAAY


Added everyone who posted codes, mine is sw-3126-5111-9538


Tesco Online have them in again if anyone’s still looking. Just got one and they’re delivering to my local shop by 3pm tomorrow :smiley:


I’m an incoming expense claim away from pulling the trigger on this…


Oh fuck, I’ve got about a Switch’s worth of expenses to do too. Hmm. HMM.