Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Mine is almost to the exact pound what a Switch and Zelda will cost, it’s difficult not to take that as a sign really


That cannot possibly be a coincidence.

Enjoy your new console. You’ve earned it.


Was just looking up the price of a weird old DS game, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, on Amazon. It’s £30 - I’m outraged. Then remembered there’s a new SMT game coming for the Switch, and thought hmm, let’s be economical here…


My friend code is SW-5548-1356-8499

I’ll add whoever I find on here. I should be getting mk8, splstoon so would be up for some DiS tourneys


Well this is reassuring that the switch already seems more succesful than the WiiU based on adoption rate on DiS :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh just looked

Apparently, the Switch has been the most successful launch Nintendo have ever had? In terms of sales worldwide at least (mostly in Europe)


I’m going to moan about Dragon Ball Fusions not being released in the UK yet here, because it’s a Nintendo thread. Why are 3DS games fucking region locked? Idiocy. I want to play it.

Resume Switch talk.


Good news though on the Switch front, you can just set up a second user accoount and set the language/region to Japan and buy games from the Japanese store and play them from your regular account once its downloaded! VIVA LA REGION FREE!


I saw something about it on the eShop - it might be out already to download. You’re 100% right about 3DS not needing to be region locked - the OG DS wasn’t and it was all the better for it.


I had the left joycon desync for the first time last night whilst I was trying to complete a shrine in Zelda. Link kept veering off in the wrong direction and it was completely unplayable. Could only be resolved by playing in handheld mode. Really hoping this doesn’t become a frequent thing.


I had this last night for the first time. I’m sat about 4m from my switch, left leg slightly obscuring the line of sight. It’s not great.

There’s an interesting video on YouTube of a guy who fixed his. Heres the article linking to it.

I think he has a point here. I’m an electronic design engineer with RF experience. In my view this is not good design. The left joycon PCB antenna runs right by a metal can (right joycon doesn’t). It’s no surprise his fix of soldering on a wire to route the antenna elsewhere has helped. Doing this is well within my capabilities so I might give it a go…


It’s frustrating because there is no way this would not have come up in testing.


This is comfortably my least favourite sentence to read on the internet but yeah, a hardware issue like this seems pretty inexcusable really


helping me resist temptation to buy one, which is good.


It’s not doing anything to dampen mine tbh, doubt I’ll be using it on the telly much really

(On that note, talk to me about HDMI splitters plz…)


You mean an HDMI switch, no? Many inputs to one output?


You’re holding it wrong! Put a case on it.


Aye, that’s the one. Only got two slots in my telly, one for the virgin box one for the PS4 innit


Anything that supports HDMI 1.3 will do you for now. Only worry about getting one that supports HDMI 1.4 if you want something that’s forward compatible with 4k for the future. The only other feature I can see you’d want is auto sensing for input, so you don’t need to use a remote or manual switch to change inputs…


Magic, cheers :thumbsup: