Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


I’m sure that right now a version 2 of the left joycon design is being done and that if you but one in 6 months it won’t have this problem.

It’s shit for those of us who have bought one now, though like every new piece of hardware you take risks as a first adopter. No making excuses, they should have caught this, but fact is every manufacturer of hardware gets caught it somehow.


Just ordered one from Argos, realised it wasn’t available to collect until next week so cancelled it in the hope of being able to get one for the weekend, refund will now take 5 days to process. Balls.


left joycon is coming loose just from holding it in handheld mode. Looked a the rail on it and it’s ever so slightly tilted now.

So don’t play it in handheld mode I guess?

cheap piece of shit.


So I’m getting the feeling you shouldn’t play it in handheld mode OR docked mode. Seems like a top piece of kit.


This is what credit cards were invented for


Add me guys

SW 1551-3712-8231


Will do!
7 weeks to Mario Kart :slight_smile: :unamused:


New trailer has just come out on youtube


Cool. I’ll check it out later.


Picking one up tomorrow \o/


my misgivings about the joycon aside, it’s lovely


Cannot wait for Zelda on the go!


it’s dangerous, be prepared to lose your social life



This is easily the most addicted I’ve been to a single player game for years.


^ This.

Haven’t been so into a game since… I dunno… PlayStation era multiplayer with my mates?




I have one! Zelda downloading as I type!


let us know your thoughts!

I’m already envious of people getting their first experience with it again


But there’s still so many new experiences every time you play!


yeah, it’s really telling that I’d rather play this relatively underpowered handheld than my willy-waving gaming pc. Nintendo magic again.