Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Indeed. I’m all for PC gaming and it will always have the edge in terms of graphics and sheer library of games. But you only need a game like BotW to come once in a generation to remind you that stellar game design trumps everything ultimately.



added. I’m “O’Quiche” is anybody is wondering who it was that added them…


Can anyone recommend a good protective case for the Switch? Might be too early days for anyone to have formed an opinion, granted.


Just ordered this one:

It’s arriving tomorrow, will let you know what it’s like




I ordered this in February and still not shown up yet :unamused:


Ooft, sorry pal


I’ve just ordered the official one from Tesco Direct, which comes with a screen protector:

It arrives tomorrow so I’ll let everyone know what I think of it. My hands are quite shaky naturally so I absolutely hate putting screen protectors on.


Having to go to the states for work in 2 weeks, seeing as the switch is region free it seems a good opportunity to get one (if they get restocked obviously!).

Boring question regarding consumer rights etc, if I happened to get bad luck and end up with one of the “dodgy” consoles that are around (e.g. dead pixels, dodgy joycon etc), would I be completely screwed? Obviously wouldn’t be able to return it to the retailer. But would I have any rights with Nintendo back here in the UK to replace/repair?


I wouldn’t have thought so, no - it would be Nintendo of America, a different company. I think you’d be dependent entirely on NoE’s goodwill.


I think this looks like the best option from my research.


Hnghhh fair enough. Cheers for the reply.

Guess it’s maybe a bit of a risk in that case… Just so tempted!!


Buy, give it a decent test in the hotel (switch on one side of the room, joycons on the other in “tabletop mode”, check out the screen for dead areas etc), return for refund if dodgy?


I bought my ps4, plugged it into the tele, and just had fun.


How much cheaper are they in the US?


From a quick google, Switch and Zelda in UK come to 280 + 60 = £340, whereas in the USA it’s 300+60 = $360 = £295 - damn brexit :wink: So a saving of just under £50. Not exactly mind blowing, but enough of a saving to potentially tip me over the hype edge into buying one!


yeah, makes the risk lower

Plus the game will be ok - and you can check that in the US - so that bit is not a risk


I have the same concerns as jj except buying it in France/Switzerland.

Silly question maybe, but if you buy Zelda in French, then switch the system language to English, will the game play through in English? (i.e. if you switch your system language to Japanese on the English version would it play in Japanese?). Would only be a minor irritation for me, but still.


Let me know how this is. I have the official one, which is fine (and has a screen protector which went on easily) but doesn’t fit a lot in apart from the switch and a few games. Adding the joycon straps seems like it pushes it too far. this Orzly case seems deeper…