Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


I’ll do a full review asap


Waiting with bated breath.


Yes - it’ll play (audio and subtitles) in whatever language your system is set to.


Thanks! :grin:


Going to the US in May, the savings aren’t enormous, but they’re enough to make it worth my while to get Mario Kart 8 and a pro-controller when I’m out there. Sonic Mania still has a release date of “spring 2017” with no specifics, but I’m hoping to pick up that over there as well.


Blaster Master Zero is really good btw guys. Not particularly nostalgic for the original by love the way this game plays, apart from how stiff the aiming is in out the vehicle dungeons, which makes boss battles a pain in the arse. But overall very well made game with good gameplay and fantastic music/sound effects

Some neat ‘HD Rumble’ the electricity beam of a boss felt completely different to the lazer and bombs. Still amounts to nothing more than a rumble but it was kind of neat.


Hi friends, has anyone Micro SD’d their Switch up yet? Is it just a simple case of plugging one in and your hard drive is now bigger or is there any silly formatting business or setting install locations or anything daft like that?


It has to format it irrc


Very simple, ping it in, it formats it, and then it starts saving screenshots there. Or at least it did for me, but you can change it in the settings


Safe, think I’m gonna avoid physical copies on this for the first time on any console I’ve owned


Do seem a bit of a waste of time, eh? Only problem is you often pay a premium to download (and no cut price second hand games either). Once again the environmentally friendly option is the expensive one.


Aye, the prices are daft for sure, it’s the portability part that is the main benefit for the Switch though IMO, the likes of Fifa and Mario Kart etc where it’s just quick dip in and out of gaming are absolutely ideal to just have with you wherever


I was thinking about this, but most of the carry cases have space for 8 or so game carts so not too much extra hassle that way although swapping them in and out is less convenient but realistically if I’m gaming on the go with a few hours of battery life how many different games will I be playing in such a (relatively) short time frame. Still, all the indie titles and VC will be digital so with these saved locally on the Switch I’ll happily just have the big titles physically to save on cash.


The 3DS has exactly the same problem. It’s way better to have all your games at once (I chucked a 32gb card in mine), but Nintendo charge ridiculous money for eShop AAA games so as not to undercut their retail partners. Sometimes there are sales though.

Having stuff like Binding of Isaac or whatever always around for a quick blast is great.

It’s a bit of a faff if you’re on a bus or a train, say - I’d much rather change games without risking dropping the cartridges on the floor of the tube (just typing that made me nervous).


Before i got my switch i was planning on buying physical whenever i could. But since I got it it just feels so nice just being able to pick it up and play a game without putting in a cartridge…

I thinks it’s the fact it’s portable rather than a full home console. Just seems like a faff swapping carts now. Almost feel like it’s worth paying extra just not having that i dunno…


You bought your PS4, downloaded a system update, installed games, downloaded updates, THEN had fun.

I bought my SNES, plugged it in, and had fun. Those were the days.


Reckon it’ll ever be possible to whack kodi on this thing and use it to stream association football?


I find all that quite satisfying though.


Yep. Hope it doesn’t get hacked for quite some time so they can make a few quid and build a strong install base - but when it does it will be unreal. To be honest I’m surprised there isn’t an official Android game cart or something for it so you can actually have it as your tablet if you wanted, so it can boot the android off the OS?


Someones already got a browser of some sort going on it