Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


I use my Vita mostly as a handheld indie games machine. With the death of that platform, Switch looks like a pretty cool alternative for the same kind of games. Nintendo first- and second-party exclusives plus PC indies? I'd buy that.


The third party thing is one of those vicious circles. So often in the last decade or so the Nintendo consoles have had half arsed ports released late (for various reasons - many of them understandable) without even lipservice being put into trying to give Nintendo owners a similar experience to those on other consoles. So it's not surprising people don't buy the games when they do eventually come out. Then publishers decide there's no market, justifying the half arsed ports, cancellations or not even porting the game at all. People want the full experience and some of the ports in the Wii's early years were really shoddy efforts, even allowing for technology differences with the PS3/360.

Then the whole gaming base ends up splintering... I don't blame anyone for not releasing the latest CoD or Battlefield (etc) game on a Nintendo console any more... their core market own different consoles now - it's not going to be worth the investment in Nintendo's technology given that everyone who likes that kind of game already owns a PS4/XBone.

It would be a brave AAA developer to go all in on a multiplatform game with Nintendo, although the portable aspect might help get some of the annual franchises back onboard. I do think there's still scope for brave ones to be rewarded with exclusives if the right cards are played (although that obvs remains to be seen.




I tried to edit it and say Elder Scrolls 6, not 5. They've already released 5! That would be great though, if they released Skyrim remastered followed by Skyrim remastered deluxe.


oh no why have you done this


It took a lot of self-discipline to stop myself from replying to that.


Will it have that Silent Hill game they stopped making on it?


TES6 has gotta be another gen away yet

edit: if we're still doing gens that is. NOBODY KNOWS ANYMORE




Looks good. I'm guessing launch its gonna be £350-400 for the big bundle - console, cradle, controller etc

Will wait for more details now.



That wasn't meant to demean Nintendo or portable consoles or whatever else. Just meant, you know, whatever the latest Xbox is and the PS4 are expensive, all singing all dancing pieces of kit... this doesn't quite feel like that? Maybe it is. I don't know. As I said, I'm pretty much a non-gamer.



Also, Dark Souls on the toilet anyone?


i mean i literally have the first 5 stars in my first 5 hours.... dunno what toxic river is yet


Looks amazing. I've held off on the Wii U so far, but I reckon I'm going to buy a second hand one before xmas, get through the stuff I want to play on that and then go straight in on the Switch on release. I'm hoping for some decent Star Wars games on this, Bounty Hunter, Rouge Squadron II & III and Jedi Outcast on Gamecube are some of my favourite ever games, as are Rogue Squadron, Podracer and Shadows Of The Empire on N64. Got some friends who are well into Skyrim but personally only ever played a couple of hours of the one on X360, I'm going to take this opportunity to get into it.


Looks good. Will it have Super Metroid?


Yup but it'll cost you £15 and if already own it you'll need to buy it again.


Looks pretty good. But I liked the idea of the Wii U but never really gelled with that. Then again that's probably because I don't have the time or patience to play games like I did ten years ago, really miss that tbh.

The concept looks like something I'm really surprised Apple hasn't gone down the route of, or generally with tablets/phones. Doesn't seem like, despite the advances in tablets and mobiles, that Mobile Gaming has really developed much in the last few years, just because swiping at a screen is so limited, despite some really beautiful and inventive ideas (Monument Valley, Badlands, etc)

Really would've thought that on iPads and iPhones (and whatever equivalents), there'd be a huge potential market for getting them synced via bluetooth with an Apple Gamepad or whatever, selling proper games on the App Store, etc - and then making Games/Accounts where it's possible to play on phone/tablet/TV - are they close to that kind of processing power?



Just a thought.

Interesting that you clip the controllers back onto the screen to dock and charge it. Presumably the controllers are bluetooth connected for when you do two player local multiplayer and need power.

Wonder if they also turn into battery packs for the screen when out and about, to give the device longer battery life?


Are the little green lights battery indicators? And is the handheld thing a charger for them? Would make sense.

Good point about what charges what with controllers/screen.