Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


So probably £300 then. More if Weimar Germany-style hyperinflation hits and we’re all using plastic fivers to make wellies.


I wouldn’t say that’s safe to assume, the selling point of the Wii was motion control but you bought the nunchuck separate… and am I right in thinking the latest portables didn’t come with a charger :confused:
All the add ons = :moneybag:


I’d wager that Nintendo cosying up to EA once again has more to do with EA having the Star Wars license rather than Nintendo wanting ‘Same Football Game Again with squad names changed 2017’ on their system.


once you’ve chucked a few games in, that’s more like 400 quid too.


Nunchuck was in the box. It was used in Wii Sports.


I stand corrected.
Please don’t eat me


Was just thinking that - rental flat share situations. If a flat doesn’t come with a telly, and nobody owns one already, there might not be one there at all. I certainly wouldn’t buy a telly for my (hypothetical) bastard flatmates to watch, that’s for sure.

But people are renting for longer, certainly in London. I’d expect household TV ownership to slowly decline as the proportion of flat-shares to ‘family homes’ increases.

(No data for this but I’d buy it)


The New 3DS didn’t come with a charger, that’s right. If you were upgrading from an old 3DS, you’d keep the same one, but if not, you had to shell out :frowning:


The Wii came with a nunchuck and wiimote in the box.

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So the Deluxe Wii U was £300 when it launched and obviously the tech for this is streets ahead. Plus add in that Brexit has fucked the pound. I’d guess £300-350 price point and wouldn’t bet against Zelda being included. Also remember when Playstation 3 launched for £425? Now THAT was crazy.
If Nintendo really push hard for the “why buy a console AND a portable when you can have this” then surely the price seems more like a bargain. Also even if 3rd party support isn’t great long term, now that Nintendo have merged their software teams from portable and console divisions this will obviously mean that instead of 6 very good/great 3ds games and 6 very good/great wii u games a year you would potentially have one high quality first or second party game each month.
Plus if they want to absolutely turn this into a money making machine just release the next main seires pokemon game on it which also has Pokemon Go 2 built in for the portable element.


If it’s £300-£350 with Zelda included in the box that would really help justify the price. Don’t see Nintendo doing that though. They don’t really need to, anyone buying the Switch at launch will probably be happy to shell out the extra £40 to get it separately.

For Christmas 2017 I imagine they would have a Zelda edition bundle for the same price, so it would be a price cut in a sense. That’s where they’ll be hoping it will really catch on.


Yes. Would be amazed if the days of the sub £299 home console launch aren’t well behind us now.


That’s all well and good but the question is still, is it worth paying 300 to 350pounds to get a machine that’ll you’ll likely (based on recent trends) play games two or three times a year when you can get a ps4 or xbone for less, with games, that is more powerful, that can do a whole lot more besides lay games and have a back catalogue of games available on the cheap at cex. If Nintendo want it make a Nintendo machine that’s fine but I just can’t see this thing doing all that well at the price that’s being rumoured.


You never know. There may well be a bundle available right off the bat and then come Xmas 2017 it’ll be bundled with Mario or whatever. It will be interesting to see if they go the Wii / Wii U route and try to do a packed in game that plays to the consoles supposed strengths or if they’ve gotten onboard with how much people are sick of minigame compilations now and swerve that concept altogether. The new version of Mario Kart would make a great bundled game.


Especially if ‘people’ want the latest CoD, FIFA, Red dead etc.

it’s a fair point.


Wonder if you can web browse on there…


For me personally? Yes. Have a wii u and a 3ds so if anything this will save money for me in the long term plus most ps4 xbone games don’t interest me in the slightest. The main draw of a Nintendo console is Nintendo games - everyone knows this. If they can get major third party titles on there too that may well will win over people who were on the fence or are sick of being multiple consoles per generation.


The market of people who want Nintendo games wasn’t big enough to save the Wii u though…


Assuming it’ll do all the extra stuff a 3DS can, yeah, but badly. Should have a YouTube app too, and possibly Netflix.

And Nintendo Anime Channel! The only place to catch the Kirby cartoon from the 90s! If that’s not a differentiatior, I don’t know what is.