Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


That and the whole marketing was a complete disaster. Plus I think a lot of it may have been due to a Wii backlash. You can't say the 3DS has been a failure surely?


The people who want Wii U Nintendo games are still fucking waiting for them! It took two years after launch for Mario Kart 8 and Smash 4 to comes out, and there's still no Zelda or Metroid game!


True, true and true...

How did the super 3DS or whatever it was go..? Did about 2 games use that extra horsepower...


Coming soon to a Switch near you :wink:


:smile: fair


ITT: People making assumptions on what comes packaged in the box, the app offerings and the price based off a 3 minute lifestyle trailer.


I would like it if Zelda was bundled, it would certainly encourage me to get one! I just think with the launch being 5 months away and with Zelda being the only officially announced game, I don't see them including it in the box just yet. Mario Kart would be great but I think if they had that ready around launch we'd have heard more rumours about it. Surely Christmas 2017 at the earliest.

Just read that when Bethesda were asked about it, they didn't confirm whether Skyrim is coming to the Switch :neutral_face:


That must be a NDA


The New 3DS (great name chaps) is decent - more buttons, bigger screen, much better 3D. There are a few indie exclusives apparently, but the only two 'big' games are:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, which is fucking amazing to play on a handheld
  • Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which really should work on a regular 3DS (it's a 2D sprite-based shooter with 16-bit style graphics) but doesn't because it was ported by a team of gibbons


Fuck knows mate. Only suckers buy iterative updates of the same console.


You're probably right, and I'm not saying Skyrim isn't going to be on the Switch. But fucking hell. It's Skyrim. 5 years old and used prominently in their first major promotional material. Couldn't be more of a known quantity if they tried so what is the point of that NDA?



To be fair though it's most likely the remaster that's out on PS4 and Xbone this month.


PS4 and XBoxes will be worth like what, £250 come the christmas sales? £270 with some games thrown in?
This thing's going to tank pretty hard imo.


I've got the (old) 3DS XL and that didn't come with a charger either, and neither did the DSi. Bumhats.


I got the Zelda version of the (old) 3DS XL and it came with a charger, maybe certain versions did.


you can already buy an Xbox One S (which is also the cheapest 4k Blu Ray player in the world) with Battlefield 1 (which has just come out) for £250. If the Switch costs much more than that then I dunno man, it doesn't seem good? Or get a an Xbox One S with 5 games for under £280

Comes with Fifa 17, Mafia 3, Gears Of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 & Halo 5 THAT IS AN INSANE DEAL


I can't decide if I want one of these either.

Have £100 of Amazon vouchers burning a hole in my pocket and knowing I can play Breath of Wild on Wii U anyhow and that I could get a PS4 with Last Guardian or Bloodborne by the time Nintendo open their mouths again in 2017...?

I'll kick myself if in January they announce all your Wii U purchases transfer over and Metroid / Bayonetta 3 are coming. But tweaked versions of games I have ain't gonna get me excited.


I'd buy one if there's a promise of half a dozen or so strong games around release. To me PS4 and Xbone are identical consoles with virtually identical games, a slew of drearily hyper-serious titles that bore me to death.

Buy a PS4 over this for a small saving? I'm sure there's plenty of people like me that can't even see a reason why they'd buy a PS4 over a PS3, who aren't massively impressed by graphics updates every half decade at this stage. Nintendo are surely onto something with believing that's a bubble, but it could be the last prescient thing they do though if they don't get the product, marketing and games right this time.


All dem super serious games on PS4/Xbone, not a single shed of colour to be found anywhere