Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Don’t worry, I get that there’s plenty of interesting games and indie developers etc. These aren’t really flagship titles though (e.g. LBP suffering from neglect this generation). Having got bored of the standard console format some time ago (I have many traditional home consoles with hundreds of potentially great games I haven’t played), I’d rather someone shook the medium up a bit, and though it’s very subjective, someone had a bit more fun with their lead titles. Nintendo have plenty to shake up on the games side too, of course, which is why I said I’d buy the console on the basis of a number of interesting titles being available/having solid release dates upon launch.


I’ve owned a Wii and Wii U as my last two main consoles (with 10 months of a mates 360 before it died) so the difficult thing for me is that, whilst I know Nintendo make amazing games, a lot of the reasons why I suspect a lot of people will be picking this up (Nintendo back catalogue, off screen play, finally playing Splatoon, Mario Maker and MK8) don’t apply to me. And those two have been amazing machines, but I wonder where they’ll go?

3D World was no galaxy. Smash Bros isn’t for me and is pretty epic already. Donkey Kong has been perfected.

The lure to play Bloodborne, Journey, Last Guardian and Rise of the Tomb Raider is strong, having had my fill of 2D platformers and lengthy software gaps (which should be somewhat better now they’ve consolidated their hardware).

Tempted to wait until January and play my backlog, but if I spot a PS4 in the Black Friday sales for under £200, then I’m in…


Sounds like the machine won’t be compatible with any WiiU or 3DS games due to the change is architecture. nVidea have said on Nintendos behalf that emulation of WiiU games will be very difficult or impossible which means they’d need to do new ports of the games… so it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a good system for people to sample the best of the WiiU


Oh really? Surprised to hear that.

From the midpoint of the Wii U’s existence, the second screen became redundant (Starfox and a few map screens aside) so I’ve always presumed that decision was taken with one eye on NX release day easy ports. They’d have to be digital I guess, but most of the best Wii U games could easily remove Gamepad functionality.


Sadly not :frowning: It’s because they’re using a completely different chipset to the Gamecube/Wii/Wii U the port would need to be made to allow the Tigre GPU to render the games.


See you in January…


This has me worried. Surprised they wouldn’t want to announce this stuff way sooner to allow pre-orders to roll in during Christmas.


I was thinking about this, and can’t work out a good time to give more details; From the home console point of view they could do with giving details now (word is there’s only around 240k Wii Us left to sell, so there’s not much of a market left to kill). On the other hand, they probably don’t want to kill 3DS sales for Christmas either and that’s a console that does still have life in it.


Yeah this - especially since Pokemon Sun/Moon is around the corner and they’ll probably sell a ton of them for that. 3DS sales have already risen in the wake of Pokemon Go, and that’s not even a 3DS game - presumably people are getting ready for S&M.


Yeah that makes sense. Could also be that they’re worried about not getting as much attention as they would like, if they give these details too close to Christmas. January on the other hand is relatively quiet, they could get a lot of publicity if they play their cards right?

Then again maybe they think there isn’t much point in starting pre-orders now. Think a lot of people would prefer to buy a PS4/Xbox for the Christmas period and to have it now, rather than spend their money on a machine that’s a risk and an unknown, which isn’t out for another few months.


On the one hand the timing of all this looks concerningly close to financial year reporting, and the lack of even knowing what games are even in development let alone will be available during release when we’re about four months from launch is so weird.

On other hand, the next two months will fly by (Christmas, New Year etc). It’s nice to know nothing.

One of my all-time favourite gaming memories was loving Mario Kart 64 only for Rare to announce that they had made a new kart game that was due out in two months’ time. That feeling of ‘woah, that looks amazing and it’ll be here in a few weeks’ was amazing. Hopefully the Switch’s bigger reveal in January will be the same.


My gut feeling is that they originally were aiming to launch around about now, but they’ve delayed to financial year end because they want a stronger software library for day one (learning one of the lessons of previous launches). The March date is to squeeze the launch into this financial year (unsurprising as they’ll want a bright spot), but it gives 4 or 5 months extra dev (and production) time to try and get a successful launch.

It’s over 20 years since someone tried to launch a home console outside the August-November window, plus Nintendo have eschewed traditional launches in recent years anyway, so it’s not surprising that the timing of announcements and suchlike feels strange.


3DS launched in March 2011. PS3 launched in EU on March 2007. PS4 February 2014 in Japan. It’s not unheard of.


I just want to say that my kids dug out my old Game Cube this week for half term

Mario Kart DD is still incredibly fun to play



3DS isn’t a home console, it’s a portable, and the PS3/PS4 launched in November, just not worldwide - hence they hit all the usual beats with the announcements.


But doesn’t the 3ds still have Pokemon coming out and is like 100piunds, can’t see a console that’ll cost several hundred more and is considerably larger (and probably less kid friendly as a result) denying the 3ds sales too much.


Pretty sure they had a price before Christmas so they could be pre-ordered though. Pre-orders can totally be Christmas presents, I’m just confused they’ve narrowed the window for pre-orders


it’s only being announced in Jan so Ubisoft have time to put together a cinematic trailer for Beyond Good And Evil 2 so they can disappoint everyone with it being an NX Switch exclusive #unconfirmed #probablygoingtobeconfirmedisntit


Hot pricing rumour:

£199 or £250 with ‘more storage’ and a game. If that game is a Smash 4 redux with the Ice Climbers back in, I’m down.


Zelda pack…?
Dunno… looks like it’s coming in on budget for me though :smile: