Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


At least 4 people are yes so I’ll deffo be on at 10pm :smiley:


So do I just enter the tournament code further up and hang around at 10pm?


Yeah, you can enter the code now and it’ll save for later. Others may be around earlier but I’ll be on at 10 and we should end up in the same lobby


I have changed the tournament settings to track rankings between 22.00 - 00.00 tonight. I may or may not be joining




OK I’ve joined. I may well get on there before 10 with the wife if anyone is about


Remember for text and voice chat there is a DiS Switch Dischord channel that you can join

Can be used on mobile phones and computers.

To join voice chat just click ‘general channel’


Sonic’s out now, anyone bought it? I’m certainly tempted.


I have!


Very tempted. It’s £15 right?
Does it run fine in handheld mode Matt?
I’m going to have to read those reviews/watch some footage.


it is… or maybe £16…
works with both sticks or the buttons so fine. (had it in handheld mode in bed this morning)

its good. only did the first 4 or so stages… but then I didn’t really explore either. can do just sonic, tails or knuckles or sonic and tails etc.

Few nice bits in there… a couple of very minor quibbles… choosing the wrong sounds in certain places.


hmmm - never played much sonic (I was a SNES kid) - but at that price it’s tempting


Downloaded the demo and really impressed. Hadn’t played a Rayman game since the PS1 days


Yeah it’s really good. The exact same demo the Wii U had. The Murphy touchscreen level was a bit guff though.


Will pick it up after I complete Shovel Knight, I think


The rhythm level was an unexpected delight! That touch level can do one though.


Bam -a-lllllaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm


Just played the first level of the Legends demo, wow what a joy! Loving the adventure soundtrack, the beautiful animation and design and the handling. Massively on the radar now.


The rhythm level is wonderful, so much inventiveness packed in to 90 seconds


So glad Rayman Legends was a sleeper hit. It is legitimately one of the greatest games ever.