Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Apparently, you can get Switches fairly easily in Japan but with a 100 - 200% mark up. Getting them at RRP is pretty much impossible unless you plan ahead.


I’m so rubbish at the blue sphere challenge


I just skip them, honestly, cannot be arsed, the other bonus stages are way more fun.


only found two of them so far, I’m guessing they are hidden in alternative routes?


Yeah they’re hidden


I’ve been playing it on the tv for a bit but man it looks gorgeous on the switch screen, colours really “pop” so to speak. feel like I’m about 6 or 7 zones in so probably nearing the end but it feels like easily the best Sonic since 2 and is probably the best playing one of all.


I’m off to a friend’s house next week and there’ll be lots of opportunities for multiplayer gaming. Reckon it’s worth forking out £120 for MK8 and some extra JoyCons? I feel like, as I have kids, this is an eventual inevitability, but that beyond next weekend it’s a bit of an excessive outlay.

Do people have extra sets and use them? Is MK8 still getting use with Splatoon 2 now out?

Or should I just get Rabbids and a Pro Controller next month instead?


Just buy the Jackbox Party Games, everyone has smart phones :wink:


My mates already got them, so I’ll check them out then buy it if good!

I could flog my Wii U I guess? Becoming quite apparent that most of the best things on it are either now on Switch or soon will be.


Yes - but I have 3x kids who love MK, so wasn’t a hard decision


The demo is fairly extensive and has everything I’ll ever need. Tetris? Check. Puyo Puyo? Check. Tetris and Puyo Puyo together? Check. Single and multiplayer? Check.


I have 4 wheels and an extra pair of JoyCons for 4-player MK8 action. Worth it, in my opinion.


damn Sonic Mania is sooo good!


Anyone planning on getting Mario & Rabbids?
Haven’t got around to getting Sonic yet as I’ve got into playing Yoshis Wooly World on WiiU and Hey Pikmin on 3DS.
Sonic or M&R will be next for me after those though.


If reviews are positive, for sure. I expect they will be, as previews were fairly glowing.

Never played many strategy games or X-Com, so could be a good new experience for me. I’ve also found the Rabbids games fairly funny in the past; they don’t irritate me half as much as Minions do - so that aspect of it seems ok to me too.


Visually it looks bloody gorgeous from what I’ve seen. Not a big strategy gamer myself but I really fancy a good single player game at the minute and something a bit different so might be just the ticket.


Yeah I need that too. I’ve played 4 or 5 great platformers in recent months and Splatoon 2 is great at home, but outside of those I’m really missing a decent 1 player title that tests me, like Zelda did for 3 months.

Switch badly needs more of them. I remain convinced that a rerelease of even the 360 port of Dark Souls, Bayonetta or Arkham Asylum would clean up right now if it was £30.


If WB put Return to Arkham compilation on Switch I would absolutely buy it.
There was the rumours of Dark Souls and that From already had it up and running on Switch when the were testing the dev kits. Great games on Switch but I dont want everything to be online/multiplayer.


Me too. It was the one major reservation I had with buying a Switch to be honest, after owning a Wii and Wii U for large spells without any other system to play.

Nintendo do multiplayer and online way better than public perception gives them credit for and most of the best indie stuff ends up on those platforms, eventually. But you’re probably only getting a really great single player Mario / Zelda / Metroid experience once every year, meaning there are a lot of times when I really craved a decent single player adventure.

I got by on Wii by delving into Virtual Console classics and on Wii U there were a few games that filled the void, like Deux Ex: Human Revolution, Arkham City / Origins, ZombiU and Bayonetta. But there was little else.

That’s why I think if SOMEONE bothered to fill that void, they’d do very well indeed. Like Beyond Good & Evil 2 was supposed to.

There have been strong rumours that it’s FROM Software developing the new Metroid after Retro Studios were confirmed to not be on the project.

we shall see…


Mario at the end of October of course.
Xenoblade 2 will do nicely if it does indeed come out this Xmas.
I see today Monolith announced they’re already starting on their next game.
Probably the only other online/multi game I want this year is Fifa (if it’s not shite)