Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Yup I basically bought this machine because of Mario and the eventual promise of Metroid Prime. My two favourite series ever.

Given XC is essentially one of my top 5 games ever I should be overjoyed for it, but after doing another 70 hours of that combat in XC X, it’s kind of soured the experience. A bit like, it seemed, when people realised with Arkham Knight, AC: Unity or Fallout 4 that they’d just done this game one too many times already. I hope it’s good though and I can muster the energy to stick another 70 hours into a Monolith Soft game.

FIFA on the go looks fun and I ought to dip into Skyrim, given my previous posts! Just not sure it’s ever looked like my kind of game. It’s price will determine whether or not I get it I suspect.


Fuck I forgot all about Skyrim. Worried it might pale in comparison to Zelda though and also might really show it’s age.
Definitely excited for Prime 4, hell I’m excited for Samus Returns on 3DS!


I’m getting one on Wednesday, mainly for SOnic and Mario Kart, but I’m interested in seing what comes next.

Can you play Sonic Mania and Mario Kart multiplayer with the two JoyCons?


Mario kart you can. not done sonic multi yet… :confused:


That’s all I needed to know.


Id be 90% sure you can in sonic… just… haven’t done it.


So, then, from owners, what are the top things to know before going in? I haven’t owned a new console since my Wii and Xbox 360 era, and even then it petered out by 2012. I’m coming back because playing on my sofa beats hogging the whole HD TV for an evening by a long shot.


what do you want to know…?

probably get yourself a screen protector thing…


Get a screen protector and a case.

I’ve barely played it at all on the TV, handheld mode is the absolute tits for reasons you’ve outlined.

Mario Kart is great fun with the gf and is the only time that hogging the TV is justified.

Splatoon 2 is fucking brilliant even if it doesn’t look like it’s for you, it definitely will be.

Get the new Zelda obviously.

  • Screen protector, like a plastic cover thing? Interesting. Why? I don’t know if it’ll be actually portable, like my phone, yet.
  • Mario Kart got my wife very interested.
  • Not sure what Splatoon 2 is, but I’ll look it up.
  • I owned Twilight Princess for my Wii and it didn’t even get out of the cellophane packing, so I don’t think I’ll be getting it. Zelda has never interested me - and I played a lot of Ocarina of Time and found it really tough going.


Okay, some questions;

  • What is the online aspect like? I heard rumours of a service next year like Netflix for old games…
  • Can you add friends online like Xbox and that?
  • The wee controllers are pretty good attached to the console and stuff?
  • Are the gamecards any good? The cartridges, I guess I mean.
  • Minecraft any good on it?


I got these:

It’s well worth it for the peace of mind that you won’t accidentally drop it and shatter the screen innit.

What sort of games are your thing generally? I can’t accept that there won’t be something in BotW that won’t capture your imagination in some way, it’s an astonishing, generation defining game IMO.


As others have said get a good screen protector: I went with the Orzly tempered glass one and it’s fecking brilliant. Also get a good carry case (I went with Orzly again!)
There’s a DiS Mario Kart room every Tuesday when we remember to show up. You can find the details upthread. Post your friend code thing when you get it and we’ll all be cool and add you.
Here’s a tip for the eshop as they dont make it super clear on there: search ‘demo’ and all games with demos available will show up. Go in grab the demo and off you go.
You may want to look into creating a 2nd/3rd account on your system for diff regions (USA, Japan) as sometimes they have demos we dont like Monster Hunter XX and DragonQuest Heroes on the japanese one, and you may be able to save money sometimes with exchange rates in the USA eshop.


I’m a platforming guy through and through; favourite game of the past decade was probably Super Meat Boy, so I got excited when I saw Sonic Mania, Mario Odyssey, Kirby and Yoshi games. Also, used to love a bit of FIFA in the old days I guess, but that#s probably more with mates and they’re all on Xboxes and that.

Also I do like an RPG - Mass Effect caught me hard too, so I’m interested in Skyrim I guess, maybe?


Well there’s FIFA coming for it which I’m looking forward to. Others will know more on the platforming side than me but the e-shop seems absolutely crammed full of old-school looking side-scrolling platformers.

Skyrim is great but dated, if you were to have a toss up between that and Zelda then there is only one winner. The selling point of Skyrim is how huge and vibrant the open world felt, Zelda has blown it out of the water though.


you can add friends online using a unique code thing, pretty easy
The controllers attached to the console are fine to use, and in the grip thing too. by themselves they are a little small, but serviceable , plus they come with little slip on shoulder button things that make them a bit bigger.
The cartridges are small… no manuals in the box… other than resale value they offer nothing IMO and I’ve already started going for downloading games.
not minecrafted.
The online thing at the minute is free. theres a new service coming next year. currently nothing except online play for games and an online shop.
if you like platformers theres also shovel night.


there is this dischord thing that makes online community a bit easier as the splatoon thing by Nintendo is rubbish
edit:never used either though


Screen gets scratched just docking and undocking, so it’s a must. Get a case too, one with a stand cos the stand on the back of the console is useless. Also often I’ll just shove it in the case rather than docking it.

You will end up using it handheld. I often use it on the case stand with the joycons detached too. It’s inevitable because it works so damn well. I thought I was buying it to play as a home console and probably use it docked about 1/3 of the time tops.

  • At the minute the online is free and my experiences with it have been solid. Starting next year its subscription. £20 for a year and youll get free old games that have had some updates such as online functionality etc added to them.
  • Yes you can add friends. At the minute its be friend codes, people youve played online against, people youve had as friends on wiiu, and people you have as friends on nintendos mobile games.
    -Yes they are really handy. Playing in handheld mode is great, should feel similar enough to WiiU or Vita gamers. I tend to rest my fingers at the back of the console so im not putting excess weight or pressure on the rail though.
  • Theyre grand. Same size or less than a ds cart and esy to pop in and out (which a nice closing mechaism to keep them safe and secure when playing). DONT LICK THEM THOUGH!
  • Meant to be fine. I think theres been an update to run it at 1080p. Links with the Windows and XBOX versions now too I think for crossplay etc.


Super Meat Boy is actually coming to Switch. Shovel Knight is a given. Theres a demo out for Rayman Legends on the eshop.
Im totally getting Fifa.
Zelda, Skyrim and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 should all scratch the RPG/adventure itch this year along with things like I Am Setsuna and Project Octopath Traveller.