Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


What case have you got with a stand?


Official case has a stand like this. I bought it because it was the only one available to me right there and then but I’m pretty happy with it. Stand is actually really sturdy. Have used it on planes and trains.



Out of interest, has anyone on here actually done this? For science reasons?


Lad I know did as soon as he bought the system and Zelda at the midnight launch. He regretted it instantly. I had a right good laugh at him.


If you like platformers this system is a no brained as that’s defrost the ots biggest strength at the mo.


EA just announced Fe for the switch


Fear Effect Reinvented just announced too.


not saying you shouldn’t buy one but I don’t know how these people have been scratching their screens, no issue with mine whatsoever and I take it in and out quite a lot. I won’t use a screen protector because they always look a bit muggy and I can never get them lined up perfectly.


yeah I did this…it’s just this weird lingering bitterness, reckon it lasted about 6-7 hours


Yes, it tasted like I was being poisoned.


Aye, fair enough. I never tried using it without the protector but I’m an absolute mug and clumsy as fuck, so not worth the risk


If I could put one on perfectly symmetrically with zero air bubbles I would probably do so.


Air Bubbles with plexi glass isn’t much of a problem. You can push em out easily.


In terms of screen protectors id rather be safe than sorry. Apparently the non tempered glass ones aren’t great but the Italy ones I got are amazing. Picture and touch screen not negatively impacted at all plus easy tomapply and no air bubbles at all. I followed this guide they put on YouTube:


This is a stupid question, but I’ve never actually taken one off before - can I easily take off my plastic one and replace with tempered glass? Presumably, yes.


Orzly even. Fucking autocorrect!


The plastic ones have a lot of gluey type stuff I think. Only used this one tbh but there’s bound to be an easy way. Maybe another YouTube video would show?


Yeah good idea. Sure there’s one out there, seeming as everyone has one on their iPhones and whatnot.

Edit: found one. It’s fine


That video’s sold me


Glad I could help. You get two in a pack as well for backup or if you wanna go halvsies with someone.