Nintendo Switch Thread 2 - Christmas Sales!!

WTF. This ring fit adventure game seems absolutely barmy. An actual RPG game build around a fitness tool. Never ever stop doing shit like this Nintendo.

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Not sure where you live, but there’s a Pokemon Centre opening up for about 4 weeks in London next month.

It’s licenced by Nintendo, not made by them

But it’s a product they’ve said “Yes, this is kosher and works with our console”, right? Not like the cheap camo-pattern Dual Shock I once bought which ended up with a stuck TURBO button making every game unplayable.

Yeah, Nintendo keep an eye on their licencees. Hori make good hardware in general, not much to worry about with them - just wanted to make sure people don’t get the impression it’s an official product :slight_smile:

fire emblem chat - possible spoilers:

that paralogue battle where you defeat nader for the last time on hard mode is fucking awesome. properly had to rotate units to and from the front line rather than relying on my usual tactic of just smashing through the middle with heavy units and letting the mages and archers clear up beasts etc.

I am now on the 8th chapter of Astral Chain and can confidently say it’s incredibly good. Every level just keeps getting more interesting and better looking. It’s one of the best paced games I’ve ever played at this point.

With that weird fitness game and Zelda due out in the next fortnight, don’t y’all forget about it, hear?


I have my Switch!! (about 18 months after I first said I was getting one). Going to leave it on charge as I go out for the day. Far too excited for a 30-odd year old. With it I got

  • Mario Odyssey
  • Mario Kart 8
  • £30 free on e-shop…this is where I’d like some DiS recommendations. I think I’d like a side-scrolled and then a more quirky, relaxed game. So I was thinking maybe Celeste and Stardew Valley? Open to suggestions

can’t argue with either of those but I would 1000% recommend Hollow Knight if you are ok with games where you die a fair bit (which of course is also true of celeste) as it is a phenomenal work of art, best game I’ve played since Zelda BOTW! It’s £11 and you could easily get 30-40 hours out of it.

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Slay the Spire is not a side scroller but it’s excellent, relaxed and is tremendous value for money.


yeah dunno how well this runs on switch as I play on PC but this is one of the best games ever

I was thinking of Hollow Knight too…especially if its a challenge, only concern with odyssey/Mario kart is they’re supposedly on the easier side?

odyssey has some extremely challening sections, it’s a good all round mix, you can certainly complete it by mostly doing the easy stuff if you want but there’s tonnes of platforming challenges in there too


200cc Mario kart is pretty difficult imo


Celeste amd Stardew Valley is good pair imho. Maybe steamworld dig 2


And just so I can get into further discussions, the games I’d like to get next are:

  • BOTW, of course (waiting until a few things in my life die down so I can concentrate on it)
  • DK: Tropical Freeze (sucker for 2d platformers, as you can tell)
  • Splatoon 2
  • Mario Maker 2
  • Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses

And a few upcoming that I’m keen on

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons (!!!)
  • Link’s Awakening
    Pokemon Sword/Shield (may depend on reviews)

Me and @vamos highly recommend Astral Chain

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I’ve read good things, not a genre I usually dip into but if I find myself flush with :pound: :pound:

It does enough different and break things up enough that yeah deffo keep it in consideration :wink:

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from my experience my top 10 switch games:

  1. Zelda BOTW
  2. Hollow Knight - Kinda cheating as I played this on PC but I hear the switch version runs great
  3. Mario Odyssey
  4. Picross
  5. Steamworld Dig 2
  6. Dead Cells
  7. Sonic Mania
  8. Binding of Isaac
  9. Mario Kart
  10. Smash Bros

There’s a ludicrious amount of good stuff on the e-shop now, gotta be at least 50 games I would universally recommend to anyone