Nintendo Switch Thread 2 - Dry Spell aka Catch Up On Your Backlog


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I don’t like it when there is a new thread about a topic

really glad Balonz killed the thread with that post

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Good man!

EDIT: Mods can we get the spreadsheet put to the 1st post please?

Hi everyone!

I just, for the first time in a long time, looked at my Dead Cells time… 210 hours!




Vote to rename this as Katamari megathread, please.

Failing that, Picross megathread.

that’s impressive! I feel like I’ve seen near enough everything with about 30 hours.

I think you probably have!

Just wait to you see the DLC characters for Smash:



are you just on autopilot with it now?

Must just be a way to relax


Instapurchase right there

reckon the piranha plant is the best character they’ve added since the N64 original


two threads, mates. two.

Its fine, I just asked the rival thread be killed

Quite like the absurdity of it after a run of serious characters being added.
Bif fan of Cloud though with his materia and limit breaks etc and his AMAZING stage.

Yeah, it is mainly when the boy is watching some shite on TV but I’m WFH at the moment and have already successfully killed the Hand of the King. I also managed to rinse the Timekeeper so badly that he didn’t even get to do his halfway animation where he says ‘let’s finish this’ which I had never done before.

@cutthelights seems like a good egg though posting similar image to me :slight_smile:

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oh wow does he do omnislash?!