Nintendo Switch Thread 2 - Dry Spell aka Catch Up On Your Backlog

Same. Him and Bernie have just sort of stormed ahead of everyone else. Happy for Bernie, reluctantly praising Ferdinand

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I understand the scepticism, I was doubtful at first. But I’m incredibly careful with my stuff - I’ve only had three laptops in about 15 years, have never smashed a phone screen, and I treat my Switch similarly, it’s handled with kid gloves, has a quality screen protector, lives in the dock when not playing and when it rarely travels it’s in a proper padded hard case, so I really don’t think I’ve damaged it. And even though it’s second hand, I know the guy I bought it from - I would say at most it’s seen 300 hours playtime, probably closer to 200, with Celeste being the most intense / potentially liable to put the sticks under duress. So something is fucking up, and I swear it wasn’t me.

I’ll try all the home fixes people have suggested, ta.

regardless, its a fucking outrage really that half of people (according to the poll upthread) have his this problem with such an expensive piece of equipment. unless nintendo roll out some sort of free repair programme and fix future hardware, i’ll be thinking twice about buying their consoles in the future. why the fuck wouldn’t you if you’ve got a 50/50 chance on the thing breaking within a year.


It casts a big shadow over the Lite for me. If I were starting from Scratch, the Lite would suit me perfectly, but not interested in it if it has such a major built in flaw.

would be hilarious if they’d not fixed it for the lite. broken joycon? have to throw the whole thing away.

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It’s known that the connector hasn’t changed, but as far as I know no-one has managed to get an image of the stock assembly to see if it’s changed or not yet.

I think we should split out into a Fire Emblem thread actually, there’s only going to be more of this stuff as we get further through the game I think.

@colinzealuk ?


Especially as the player base has now doubled this week within the forum


Cool, will do it when I get to a laptop unless someone else gets there first.

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If it’s easier you could just ban epimer, duck and hurru for six months?


took me two fucking hours to do it but finally got past the dragon quest spirit board on smash


Oh snap

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Is DQ just a classic JRPG? Turned based, fantasy setting etc? I’ll probably try a demo but don’t know much about it.

Its a classic JRPG with automated turn based combat (you issue your guy commands they act them automatically no menus between moves) in a very very very whimsical fantasy setting. It is a cultural phenomanon in Japan. People actually miss work and school when these games come out.

It came out on PS4 last year but this version has been built from the ground up SPECIFICALLY for Switch so it’s not a port but a different engine all together. It even includes a classic JRPG mode (in every sense of the word) where the whole game is playable with sprites as if it were a SNES

Its a critical darling


Based on the treehouse footage its going to be the best looking Switch game and it runs great

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DQ xi S, Links Awakening and Ni No Kuni all releasing within a week of each other is keeping me from buying any games as I know it’ll be an intense time. No hope of getting and finishing them all pre Luigis Mansion. Argh!
Life was a lot simpler with the Wii U :grinning:

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i really like the music in dragon quest.

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I know right! Think I’ll start with DQ XI though as I’ve been waiting a year to play it and always hear Ni Nu Kumi drops off and is a smidge too long. Dont hear such complaints for DQ.

Links Awakening I’m sure can be beaten in a coupla sittings