Nintendo Switch Thread 2 - Dry Spell aka Catch Up On Your Backlog

Wolf Trap or something else which sticks the bastards in place.

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Really though it is all about the synergies between your weapons but they toned this down in the update. The bastards.

Oh right. Didn’t even know of crystal hearts. Went back and did the first level again to see how easy I found it. Raced through it, got a couple of strawberries I had no chance of first time, but didn’t see any heart. Still, I’ve had a nice time with it.

Yeah, when I say unintuitive, I mean it. Like, not just find a secret area, but then work out a secret code and do a certain variety of actions kind of thing.

ecided to try a bunch of the demos I’ve downloaded tonight.

Yoshi’s Crafted world. Cute but not for me.
God Eater 3. Xenoblade crossed with Monster Hunter. Seemed promising.
Resident Evil 6. God this is horrible.
Cadence of Hyrule. Too soon to get into this after Links Awakening but I’m intrigued.
Ori and the Blind Forest. OMG, what a STUNNING intro film. Shame a load of Achievement pop ups and on screen controls then ruined the immersion.

Have u tried Dragon Quest?

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Not yet. Saving that for when I have a decent block of time. Having that ‘struggling to commit to my next game and got choice paralysis’ thing

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One more and then the final boss? For some reason I thought I was miles off getting to the end.

Want a new game but can’t decide between…
Link’s Awakening (hoping for a patch to fix the frame rate stuff before buying - is it really that bad though?)

But then there’s Obra Dinn, Witcher 3 and Luigi’s Mansion in the next 2 weeks! And I’ve just checked the eShop and there’s a ton of games I’m interested in on sale too. Argh.

It’s the last day of the sale today, so you better buy quickly! :wink:

There’s so much! Edith Finch is on sale, no idea how it runs on Switch, but played it on PS4 and absolutely one of my favourite games.

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I just had a look online and am sold on Edith Finch, so am just downloading it right now! Apparently the Switch port is good.

So that means I’ve now bought Edith Finch, Slay The Spire, Ironcast, Mark Of The Ninja, and Transistor in this latest sale.

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Just bought slay the spire and stardew Valley and it’s all your fault.


I’ve done about 70 hour of Slay The Spire in the past two and a bit weeks! I’ve not got Stardew Valley, but I hear it’s a very short game, so you’ll get through your backlog in no time!..


Not sure if knowingly taking the piss or not :smiley:

Me n me buddies have played 15hrs of Stardew in co-op this week and our farm is only just starting to become sustainable


Have you got a dog or a cat?


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Did a last minute dip back into the sale to get Dead Cells and the original Crypt of NecroDancer (got to be alright for £3.50).

I have also got lost in the Slay the Spire hole, putting about 30 hours in over a week. Have not been this addicted to a game since Football Manager about a decade ago.


We had a retro games night on friday and played a lot of GoldenEye on the N64, which was a lot of fun - even with the low poly and frame rate.

But just at the death, I showed off Goose Game and two folk walked out going home to buy it. Hahaha.