Nintendo Switch Thread 2 - Link's Awakening and Untitled Goose OUT NOW!

Valkyria chronicles is quality. Still need to do the final (I’m assuming) chapter, but other games keep getting in the way. Took me way too long to get past that mondo tank in the town level.

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Baba is Meme?


Hell of a sale.

Bought Baba is you, Just Dance 2018 (for the kids) and hovering over Sega Classics Collection.

Also tempted by RE 0,1 and 4, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Travis Strikes again, South Park Fractured but whole, The Messenger, FAST RMX, Dragons Dogma, Abzu, The Swindle, Mark of the Ninja and Owlboy.

I’m highly tempted to buy the Mario v Rabbids bundle at £20 too so I can play the DLC as I read it’s awesome.


Grabbed Katamari Damacy and Mark of the Ninja, had my eye on both for ages.
Loads of great stuff in there, but time, money and backlog, forced a little restraint out of me.

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Flying with my Switch for the first time. Can’t wait to be a table top Waaaanker

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I couldn’t resist and bought Sega Classics. Wanted to replay the 3 Streets of Rage games for about 20 years now since I flogged my second hand Mega Drive. Not much else on there that actually bothers me on face level but it’s wonderful playing those 3 again.

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Tj and earl bro.

Bloody hell Nintendo, now I want to buy more games.

There are several on there that are on my wish list. At the moment I’m deciding between Sword Art Online (as I love the Anime) and Tales Of.

Do I need anymore games? Na, not at all.

Tell you what, hadn’t appreciated what a seismic leap Streets of Rage 2 was to the original before.

Played both for a couple of hours last night and the second is better in absolutely every single way. Better graphics and more awesome soundtrack as many of us know, but character balance, crunchy feeling when your jabs connect, controls, backgrounds, difficulty curve, size of sprites on screen, movement… night and day.

I’m about halfway through the first (then got sidetracked), so looking forward to diving in properly to number two. The music is too good, but I don’t have much memory of a leap in the other aspects.

I got to Round 5 on my first go on SOR1 last night but after trying 2 for half hour today, I’m not sure I’ll go back anytime soon, especially as I played the Master System port to death. 2 feels so much nicer.

not gonna post this in the proper thread, but my first few hours impression of mario maker is… I don’t think I like it.

Nagging thought constantly in the background of ‘this is fine for stuff thrown together by amateurs and not properly playtested, but it’s not super mario world, I should just actually play super mario world’.

I’m not finding it fun throwing myself into someone’s level with one impossibly tricky to judge jump that might take me 30 tries to beat, and going back to square one, especially when i’ve just come off the back of celeste and rayman…

this fucking last level on valkyria, man. I hate it when you know exactly what to do, how to do it etc, but are hindered by the fact that you’re not levelled up enough in some bollocks to just finish the game.

I put it down with about 9 levels to go and I’m not sure I can be arsed to go back for that reason. Knew what to do, just wasn’t executing it 100% right. Sometimes felt like it wasn’t my fault though.

Yeah I get this, I’m feeling fairly… whelmed by it? I’m having a lot of fun, some of the time. The story mode has some really clever stuff in it but it’s making me wish I was playing a more cohesive, fully realised 2D Mario game.

I’m hoping that some of the creators will string some better things together once they’ve gotten used to the tools. I’ve got a 32 course “game” bookmarked for when I’m done with story mode.

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I may have purchased Starlink and Flame and the Flood on sale. Played Starlink all weekend, deeply underrated Switch game that, I love Starfox.

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I’m now experiencing the main issue of the switch, drift on the right joy con. It keeps going down and it’s getting really bad. I’m done calibration and honestly, it was a struggle to get the right one to go. Updated the controllers. I’m gonna try blowing some air into it later. If that doesn’t work, does anybody have any other tips I could try?
I called Nintendo and cause it’s about 16 months old, they won’t repair it for free. (not bought direct from Nintendo)

I removed the rubber ‘hat’ and cleaned it with some compressed air, it fixed it for awhile but the problem started again after a few months. Need to get round to completely replacing them.

I got a second pair for mulitplayer along with Mario Party last Autumn and the problem hasn’t occurred with them, don’t know whether they updated the hardware or I’ve just been luckier with this pair.

Yeah, this is definitely on my last options to try.

Really don’t want to fork out £60 for new joycons when I’ve not had the console that long. Strangely, the extra controller (not pro-controller, but the £30 ones) that I bought is doing it on the right stick even more and it’s immediate and much worse.

It’s definitely a bit of a piss take.

Hope you have some luck fixing them.