Nintendo Switch Thread 2: Mario Maker 2 Direct - 15th May 11pm


can you handle frustration and randomly losing when you don’t know what’s going on?

If you’re cool with that then there’s a lot to love in smash

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also the matches are really quite short so there’s no real sense of time wasted

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Yeah, that’s pretty good. It’s been £20-30 at TheGameCollection and Coolshop but out of stock now.

I’d be tempted to get it just for the Mario Kart 8 mode that lets you play with the Labo wheel.


still love how i got the Wii U Smash Bros game for my wife for Christmas with the Yoshi controller and everything as she loves Nintendo, was well pumped for it, she played 2 games and then never touched it again as she hated it. never even used the controller again either :frowning:

not even the shortest amount of time she’s spent on a game either (abandoning Far Cry 3 in the opening cut scene is her record)


Smash on Wii U was dreadful tbf. I couldn’t get into it at all.


This is the thing I’m weighing up, reckon I’d really love and get caught up in playing with all the characters together, but I’m not sure if I’ll like the gameplay enough for it to be worth it


do you have lots of real life friends? would be great if that’s the case. If you’re a bit of a loner like me maybe not so much


Not sure I can. That’s kind of why I haven’t bought football manager yet!


Not ones that will be into this, there’ll be a few dis games though

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I’m hoping some folks might be up for some tonight!


i haven’t bought Football Manager yet because whenever i play the demo i can’t resist being a total twat in the press conferences and get sacked asap. last time i started a new save i stormed out of my unveiling press conference on the first question shouting “BUNCH OF TWATS” and then leaked to the press that the chairman was a dickhead because he wouldn’t build me a new stadium

maybe i should get a different version that doesn’t have so much press interaction, maybe for some kind of console…


Smash is the ultimate ‘there should be a demo’ game.

I like the odd fighting game but I have no idea what smash might play like.


It hs been suggested that many try a demo and don’t but and that that might be more than those who try and then do buy…


Did you ever play powerstone? That’s the most similar in style I think I’ve ever played.


Nope, always fancied it though. It was a Saturn/Dreamcast dealio and I’ve never had a Sega console.


Yeah I’ve heard that too. To be fair I was desperate to buy Splatoon 2 but then a mate loaned it to me and I couldn’t get on with it at all. So I dodged a bullet there.


I went to Bury Arcade Club last weekend and my first Smash action with 3 friends on a Wii U. Didn’t have a clue what was going on but it was very funny and ridiculous. Will probably get it as I have a few IRL friends who are also keen on it.

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Smash is amazing.
That new Switch exclusive Marvel game they unveiled will sell like hot cakes after Infinity War 2 is out as it features a similar story but with Xmen etc too.
Nintendo for life!


Hey I know ture all messing around with Smash buuuuut

I need Picross help. I’m hitting a brick wall, I I can’t quite figure out what I need to do to step up. Take this one, P080.

I can go online and find the solution but that doesn’t help. I have nothing to go on, it is all black. Help? What trick am I missing? There are too many permutations.


Oh god. I’d love to help with picross issues!
I’m a bit tipsy after work Xmas party, so forgive any messiness. But firstly you need to fill in your X’s for the places which don’t have any markers.
See my red lines.
Then you can see where some of the 5 squares are, in green