Nintendo Switch Thread 2: Slay The Spire out June 6th


A Smb2: USA mode would be unreal.


A noble mushroom embiggens the lowliest goomba.
Its a perfectly cromulent word.


Mario maker 2 looks awesome. Multiplayer seems really fun too, see you losers on the race track

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Smash really clicked for me this month. But this unlockable put it on a whole new level


Tryin not to watch the Mario Maker Direct because I’ll definitely buy it but the Direct will just annoy me that it’s not here yet.


It looks brilliant but I had it in my head it was out at the end of May and the disappointment of realising it’s the end of June was so shit.


Mario Maker 2 looks about as feature complete as something like this could be, but I don’t really think I’m patient enough to spend any time making levels really. Will hold out to see if there’s enough in playing other people’s mad levels to interest me - I’ll probably wait til it comes down in price. The campaign stuff looks good too. I’m also impressed by how good it looks and how clear all the menu options and stuff are. It looks a lot more polished than Smash Bros in this regard.

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Don’t think I’ll have any spare money until at least October so I’d like it if everything was announced for Christmas release (sorry).


Actually pretty easy and quick to make levels (at least in MM1) handheld mode will be the way to go when building due to the touchscreen for sure. There were always loads of levels on the first one and they had guest creators every so often do levels (like Rayman creators etc)

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Could always get Luigis Mansion 3 for Halloween :wink:


The 3D World stuff felt like a bit of a compromise didn’t it? If the levels have to be built separately, couldn’t they just go billy big bollocks and just have a full 3D World editor?


That’s for Super Mario Maker 3


By the time that comes around I’d like them have SM64, 3D World and maybe even Galaxy levels :grin::+1::smiley:

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Need to stop reading this thread. Miss my switch. Stupid thieves


Can imagine 3d creation tools would rob the game of its simplicity


There’s a new Tetris 99 challenge at the moment where you play with the old Game Boy graphics and music, which is a nice nostalgia buzz. Although I haven’t played for a while so it took me a number of goes to finally get 100 points to permanently unlock it.

I’ve bought Steamworld Dig, Golf Peaks, Bastion, and Last Day Of June in the sales. I was thinking of getting Celeste also, but that seemed to stop being on sale earlier than the rest.

Currently I’m playing through Rayman Legends, pretty determined to 100% every level, so will see whether that is achievable. Great little game anyhow


This is what the Switch version of Team Sonic Racing runs and looks like.

Not bad at all, just seems to be lower resolution. Only £34.99 I believe as well so could tie me over until CTR. Want a new racing game on me switch

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Dunno, what about the whole analogue trigger (lack thereof) issue for racers?


Never hampered me in Mario Kart or Rocket League

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