Nintendo Switch Thread 2 - Super Mario Maker 2 out 28th June

Played the first hour or so of FFVII on the plane today. Quite annoyed that I can’t save when I want - seems like it would be a decent modern quality of life update? Might make me more inclined to bash the full health extra when I need it rather than waste an hour…

Also opened Dance of the Necrodancer. Pretty tricky huh? Not really any idea what’s going on.

Basically, everything will move on the beat. You should either move or perform an action on the beat to keep your multiplier going.

Kill all the stuff, win. Simple!

actually quite difficult

Yeah, I did a bunch of runs, enjoyed the music and did kill stuff / get money / diamonds but not sure how I really progress? Ah well, the fun is in the journey…

Died 82 times on Celeste Chapter 1. Does this make me a platforming God or should I hand in my gaming licence to be incinerated?

Licence pls

Depends how many strawberries you got.

I’m playing NiGHTS Journey of Dreams and it’s a weird-ass game. I just played hide and seek with a chameleon.

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On the Wii?
I was so excited when it came out, but I didn’t love it anywhere near as much as the first game (and bonus xmas game). Plus the music wasn’t as perfect.

That’s the one! I’ve never played the original which I assume is much better but I’m having fun with it. It’s very weird but it’s got loads of original ideas that it’s bringing to the table and I appreciate it for trying to do something different.

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If it came out on the Switch, I’d definitely buy it again. I did like the sequel, but the original was played todeath by me, so would always be hard to compete with that.
It is a delightful world and different style of game to most others though.

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If I want to get another platformer before I take the plunge on maker 2, (because that’s all I play now), do I get super Mario 3d or Dk tropical freeze? or yoshi but I’m going to get that anyway.

Also I dipped back into botw, it’s such a difficult game!!

Forgot how hard it is just trying to get from a to b, let alone getting anything done.

I loved DK, then hated DK, then think it is one of the best games on the Switch.

So I don’t know. How much do you like super fucking hard 2D platforming?

I love it, but only with celeste style mechanics where you respawn instantly, and dont retread through screens and screens you’ve already done (rayman does this well too actually)

DK does this fairly well. The levels don’t reload, they’re always there, hut there is a few seconds where the balloon life thing pops and the wee tune plays. There isn’t any loading.

As for screens - there are two or three check points per level, maybe more, and they always seem to be in the right place. Plus it has a currency you earn in game that you can use to buy extra balloons, and 3xtra character balloons.

I hate hard games, but love this if that has any weight.


Just finished (and enjoyed Bastion). About to start Celeste now. Let’s see how I do!


78 deaths, 10/20 strawberries, one b-side cassette. I like!


In 27minutes???

Dont think I got more than 20 strawbs in the whole game!

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Thats actually really impressive considering you’re clearly going for Strawberries. Because the Strawberries are optional and are considered the most difficult part of the game, by a long way, even the early Strawberries are a nightmare relatively speaking to the later stages in terms of difficulty

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Yep, I started just after posting, although didn’t particularly feel like I was doing good when I kept repeatedly dying in the same place repeatedly. I am trying to get the strawberries when I see them/they seem possible, although would feel better if they had a purpose. But I suppose I can come back for them if I feel like completing it.
What are the b-side chapters?