Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is Now The Girs Appreciation Thread


They’re very different games, though there are connections. The overworlds in Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess are pretty tiny in comparison and the games far more linear, but when you get given a new item it really pushes your brain figuring out the different ways to exploit it and Nintendo do that thing where they get every conceivable way of utilising it sprinkled throughout the game.

Twilight Princess has a slow start that feels like a remake of Ocarina of Time, and many towns and areas feel pretty remote, but the dungeons and bosses in the second half of the game are great. The Dark Realm where you play as a wolf will likely have aged horrendously now though.

Skyward Sword is highly divisive. I played it through twice, the only Zelda game I have oddly, and find aspects of it charming; the watercolour visuals, the animation, Groose, the story (it’s the official first chapter in Zelda’s admittedly nonsensical timeline). The combat, flying and repetition ground a lot of folks down and there is some fucking rubbish padding in the back half, but I largely enjoyed it a lot. It did feel smaller and more focused though than many of the other quests.

The issue most people had with both of those games was how much they held your hand; both companions pretty much tell you constantly where to go and any secrets are hidden discreetly as ‘Oh, I wonder if the chest APPEARS AT NIGHT BY THAT TREE THERE’. Which did get pretty tiresome. I think they’d be the biggest barriers post BOTW, along with traversal being limited and slow.

WindWaker is my favourite of the 3. Despite people in recent years finding out it’s unfinished, I never felt that playing the Wii U remaster. It holds you hand far less, the sailing is abundant but feels like you’re going on an adventure, each island feels unique, the story is wonderful (especially is you know your previous Zelda’s) and the combat is really good. It aged incredibly well and looks incredible even today. I had to use a guide a few times to know how to speed up sailing or find certain hidden isles but on the whole, it’s a joy.

Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask haven’t been released in an HD state yet, and probably never will be, just remastered for the 3DS.

All in all, BOTW will always feel more epic, open and mysterious than those 3 other games, But they probably have been puzzles, storylines and characters in them. A game that had both… just imagine.


Skyward Sword is the only Zelda where I gave up twice before reaching the first dungeon. My biggest issue with it was that the 3-4 hour tutorial felt like a tutorial rather than a game - which wasn’t so much the case with pre-Twilight Princess 3D Zelda games.


Played the Twilight Princess and Windwaker HD remakes on WiiU and both hold up fantastically. TP I enjoyed a lot more in the remaster than on wii - due in large part to dropping the motion controls I reckon. Windwaker is charming as fuck tho some wont enjoy the sailing.
Skyward Sword was a weird one. Basically every location were hubs on a map that were cut off from eachother rather than being interconnected like the other Zelda games (reckon this will be a shock to the system for anyone going to it off the back of BOTW) also the controls were just a pain in the bollocks! Hopefully the updated tech in joycons can make this better though. Also the imprisoned :roll_eyes: some great dungeons and temples though as well as some unique items and mechanics.
But yes stick them in a box for Switch and I’ll buy them all!
Theyve already got Twilight Princess HD running on the NVIDIA Shield TV in Chine and that basically is a Switch.


What do we make of this then?

Could be about the Skyward Sword remaster, but IIRC the WiiU and 3DS remasters were handled by a separate team from the people who worked on A Link Between Worlds and Triforce Heroes. Meaning the ALBW team has probably been working on something else. ALBW is probably my favourite Zelda if I ignore nostalgia for Ocarina, Wind Waker and Link’s Awakening, so I’d love to see something along those lines.


The team that works on 2d Zelda games has been working on something but no one knows what yet.
Reckon we’ll get the older games in HD in 2019 and maybe a new main entry in 2020.


Football Manager 2019 is indeed out now on Switch!

It’s predominantly what I’ve worked on here and I’m very proud of it. It’s a load of fun on Switch, and translates incredibly (perhaps surprisingly?) well to console. I am very addicted to my work save as manager of Wales in 2026 currently, after becoming a legend of Hull City.

I’d implore you all to buy it, I’m sure you’ll love it too. Hit me up with any questions if so!


Dear bergkamp. What is the lowest tier of the English pyramid that I can manage in on Football Manager 2019 (out now on Switch)?


Hi boothyfearssatan, the lowest tier of the English pyramid that you can manage in on Football Manager 2019 (out now on Switch) is the Vanarama North (where you can manage teams such as Curzon Ashton, Spennymoor and FC United), or the Vanarama South (where you can manage teams such as Dulwich Hamlet, Weston-super-Mare and Bath).


Thankyou for that answer bergkamp, it was very thorough. However, I must confess to being slightly disappointed, as I was hoping to manage in the Evo Stik Division 1 South. I guess to do this, I would have to purchase the full version of Football Manager 2019, which I believe is out now for PC?


Yes, you would have to purchase FM19 on PC in addition.

Vanarama North/South is as low as it goes on FM19 for PC too, but users have the option of adding additional leagues (ones not officially support by us, but have been made by other fans of the game), which you can’t do on Switch.


How low does it go in the Scottish system?


Hmm, this presents me with a quandry. I feel the Touch version is more suited to my style of gameplay (shorter sessions, not wanting to go deep into training schedules and all that), and being on the Nintendo Switch, would be very accessible for me to do that. But it would be nice to lead Bristol Manor Farm into the Premier League.


Scottish system goes all the way down to Ladbrokes League 2!




Because that would be a lot of money. And as much as the hardworking staff at SI deserve my money for their swift response to customer enquires, and aggressive marketing schemes on internet forums, I do not wish to pay twice. But if you are suggesting that as a goodwill gesture, a purchase of the full version would come with a free download of Touch for Switch, then I would gratefully accept.


Follow up question. If I were to play FM Touch on Switch, would I be able to play an online game with a pal playing Touch on PC?


That’s not possible I’m afraid. I feel like I’m letting you down with each question.

It’s really good!


Hey ducky, whered you get the Polymer stuff? That’s all I’m missing tk get a clan key.


I guess my hypothetical perfect version isn’t quite out there, and you have done the difficult job of giving me the answers I needed to hear, rather than the answers I wanted to hear, very well.


This is the only mainline Zelda I haven’t played, so very hyped for it