Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is Now The Girs Appreciation Thread


Welp thats me not playing pokemon for a few weeks


I got the impression that it wasn’t autosaving :expressionless:


Its not, you were right, but im so used to just closing n forgetting on the switch as thats kinda what its designed to do that i assumed pokemon would follow that trend. I was very wrong


yeah, pretty sucky move that


If I get a Gamecube adaptor for Smash can I use it on other games too, or am I just better off getting the pro controller?


I dont think ilu can


I believe unlike the Wii U, you can use it with pretty much any Switch game, BUT anything that requires buttons that don’t exist won’t be playable - e.g. there’s no ZL trigger and I would guess that start is mapped to - or +, so the other button isn’t accessible. Oh, and the L and R triggers behave as digital buttons rather than analogue ones (i.e. you need to push them all the way in)


Hmmm sounds like I’m just better off getting a pro controller or a new set of joy cons.


Hands are getting cramp just thinking about the idea of playing smash on a single joycon.


Super Guacamelee 2 is coming to the Switch on 10 December!

Really loved the first one and can get 30% off for this one is awesome


Yo! This game is great


Nice… lots of good racers coming out of nowhere.

Out Run and Horizon Turbo are out today and very good supposedly. Redout is nearing launch. Racing Apex is in final stages of testing. Virtua Racing is coming…



Blatantly going to buy this even though I bought it on PC and haven’t played it yet.

I am a mug.


Fancied a game to play in little chunks on my commute as Dark Souls and Warframe have gotten to points where I need internet connections, which is the first time I’ve found that happen bizarrely.

Anyhow, bought Horizon Chase Turbo and it’s great fun. Killer soundtrack, incredible sense of speed and swift old school racing. Can see me putting a lot of time into it. Doesn’t seem too demanding either to enjoy, but can tell it won’t be easy getting Gold’s on each track.


So, man, Warframe is so complex. And difficult to play, I find. I don’t understand why missions I’ve completed don’t clear off the map. Thi k I’ve done one or two more than once, annoyingly.

Got a clan key sorted but the rooms are empty. Haha. Good work.

So, there are type sof missions I don’t get. One where there was letters on the map, but we failed. Also, christ the Defense mission was mental. I barely made it to the end, and then it said “want to keep going?” fuck!

I have modded things up, and changed my outfit, but I still haven’t worked out the controls properly. And I seriously think playing it makes me anxious, for some reason. Not sure why.

Going to plug away a bit longer. Still enjoying it in bursts.

Though, I still cannot figure what the fuck I’m supposed to do in Cetus.


All missions stay on map so you can grind for money/mods/exp.
Ones flashing blue are new or something for you to do there. Ones marked with an X are part of the questline youre on.
Havent used clan key.
Sounds like you need to level up. The tower defense ones are not worth doing with a squad of 4 who arent dunces.
I cant help with that.
Theres an old fella close to the big gates. Youll know its him as he always has loads of the online players standing by him. Talk to him. This kicks off a story quest thread and allows you to do bounty missions on the Plains Of Eidolon.

Bonus advice: When stuck I googled and found answers right away as PC folks have been playing this game for years.


Ah, duh. Didn’t think like that.

Not sure how to level up. Not complaining, it isn’t like Zelda where I’m expecting a good game, this just seems so confusing that even after reading the wikis I am barely scraping the surface.


doing missions etc.
After every missions u get xp for suit and weapons. it shows you every time while its waiting to load your ship again.


You know I don’t think I’m going to get along with this game. Went out into a massive open area, the game went all blurry, and got killed three times. The guys couldn’t be killed with the sword o have for some reason.

Then a second mission started out of now where and that became impossible. I enjoyed slicing those marine things a bit but now I need to do some mod rank to get venus open, and I have no idea how to do it and I might tap out.

Like there are no new missions to do it seems. Except maybe a stealth mission, or a escort mission, and nope.

Feels like there is a good game in here but there are so many barriers! Ah well. It was free, no harm no foul.


You could just google tbf.
Have you played Tetris mate nice and straightforward :wink: