Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is Now The Girs Appreciation Thread


nah, the ease of entry into warframe is hot garbage. the rest of the game might be good, but I still absolutely resent having to watch videos and go through what looks like hours long tutorial sections to understand how to play. its one of the reasons I could never be bothered with games like hearts of iron - just don´t have the time for it.


I play it like this:
Slice the shit out of everything as a cool space ninja.
Most things just happen naturally from playing levels a few times to get enough pickups. The mods were explained in game.
Didnt have to watch any vids for the few queries I had just simple answers online like “oh it’s here” or whatever.
No point everyone getting wound up over a free game they arent being force to play :man_shrugging:


i´m not getting wound up, I´m just putting forward my point of view and explaining why I stopped playing it very early on.


Aye I know mate, I meant theres a few in the thread getting wound up with it.
I think it could be more user friendly for sure but from hearing about how its been cobbled together over 5 years of updates they maybe never thought to go back and change the early stages as they probably never considered a Switch port :slight_smile:
It’s all just passing the time until next Friday anyway.



are you gonna be pro controllering, gamecube controllering or joyconning for smash?


Gonna try the pro first.
Might invest in one of those new 8bitdo wireless connectors and try GC and Snes controllers with it if the pro is shit.


ordered the mayflash adapter this morning, and might try the 8bitdo wireless one for on the go (will wait for reviews)


Totally understand why people wont gget into warframe
It caters to a very specific audiencr (ome im in) and its a great game at what it does, but its sooo not for everybody, especially as a lot of the mechanics are only inuitive for people whove played games loke this before and not at all a good introduction to them.


Can’t even bring myself to try it for free to be honest. Graphics are nice but also looks like the kind of thing I’d be utterly useless at and bewildered by. Will stick to Pokemon


Was well into using the wiimote sideways in the Brawl days so a good dpad suits my style. Hoping I can get by in handheld and don’t have to shell out for a 3rd party joycon.




Had to give other players some chance mate. :wink:


Yeah, I really feel like it could be awesome, but christ everything feels so bewildering.

I enjoyed my first few hours with the game, but I don’t think it really works for me in the end.

Good day to you all.


Ye getting Smash Bros?


It is on the Xmas list, but tempted more by Cities Skylines. I’ve never played a Smash game




Cities Skylines would suit Sheeldz tbf. Dunno how good the port was, but it’s totally his kinda game.


Yeah, fighting games have never really been my jam. Bar SoulCalibur tbh


Yeah, basically this.