Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is Now The Girs Appreciation Thread


Bought Moonlighter. Played three minutes of it, decided the combat was rubbish, and closed it.

Might give it a fairer go over Christmas.


Do, I have it for Xbox. I fucking LOVE IT.


Thought I was buying this console to wise up on the indie scene but turns out I’m just a ho for the big name Nintendo IPs.

Best Switch games so far:

Mario Kart

The rest.

Soon to be joined by Smash Bros. Not even sorry.


Almost time drowned in smash!


agree with those four games being top. think I put pokemon just ahead of mario, but still.


Yeah still not decided on the Pokemon/Mario order. Mario objectively better, but have maybe had more fun with Pokemeon.


Im so happy my initial concerns about Pokemon turned out to be because Nintendi did a poor job demoing it rather than it being bad. Its a lot of fun




Yes please.


Currently pre loading smash. HeYa


Would buy. Again. Because the first game is in my personal top 5 games ever and easily the most atmospheric title I’ve ever played.

And 2 and 3 aren’t far behind.


Same here, the original is in my top 5 for sure. As damn near perfect a game can get. I’ve got a real soft spot for 2 as well, think Sanctuary in particular is fantastically put together as an area and probably a series highlight.


Would be all over this. Great trilogy. Remember the 2nd one being really tough. Will be nice to have 3 with mote wiimote controls.


I didn’t hate 2 like a lot of people had warned me I would. Some incredible boss battles and, to a point, the light and dark worlds are really clever.

It is loads harder than the original though and fairly oppressive. Nearly bailed on it at that point where you have to do multiple bosses in one go but the motion controls made it just about doable.

3 / Corruption is the odd one out for me. Different structure, more story, more characters, more scale. But it’s also full of gorgeous world design and ideas. Bioshock Infinite clearly ripped it off. That’s the one I’d probably replay first…


But then the story’s out of order :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmmmm this seems good


Reviews say it is brutally hard.

For. This crowd, it might be perfect.


Hey Sonic Mania team, can someone explain to me the chaos emeralds special stages?

You have to catch the ufo, but I can’t. Ever. The blue spheres make it too fast to move around the track and the rings are hard to get. What am I missing? I love the Blue Sphere game and the wee pinball game, but this ufo game eludes me so so much. The ufo game I always miles ahead of me and I cannot catch up.

Any tips?




I prioritise stuff in this order:

  1. go around the shortest route of the track
  2. collect rings
  3. blue balls.

Only done 3 of those so far, but it’s served me well up till now.

Getting rings early will increase the timer before your speed increases.