Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is Now The Girs Appreciation Thread


Honestly I loved it. The music, it was so good.


You need to find the moon rocks. Pound that in each kingdom and a raft of new moons are scattered.




Its part of the VGA sales but maybe its US only. Haven’t looked meself :frowning:


It’ll also add the moons you’ve not done to the map as an X




Oh, dunno what VGA is other than those old monitors from the 90s


Trade it in and buy something else :wink:


Ooooh! Dunno about Bam, but I’m up for this!


Showing as £18 for me on my phone, so yeah maybe it’s just US only. I’m waiting for Celeste to go on sale before getting it, so I’m pretty sure it will never be on sale :frowning:


Unless ur american obvs


It’s worth eighteen quid and then some imho. My favourite switch experience.


It’s one of my fav games ever, that story <3
The way it incorporates anxiety and depression into the mechanics <3
Madlines cute chirp <3
The amazing controls <3
That soundtrack <3


you’re probably right, and I’ll probably love it. I have committed to waiting for it to be on sale though, and I will see this pointless endeavour through.




tbf I should finish Zelda first anyway. only one divine beast left to go!


I’m also waiting for it to go on sale, mostly so I can force myself to finish
Stardew Valley (community centre)
Golf story
Mario rabbids
Sonic mania
Mario odyssey (post game)


Golf Story is also on my “I’ll get it when it’s on sale” list


Hell of a backlog!


Backlog audit.

  • Zelda still to defeat ganon
  • sonic Mania - fuck titanic monarch act 2
  • donkey kong - not going to, too hard
  • fast rmx - working through the gps
  • Picross S - loving it