Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is Now The Gris Appreciation Thread


I’m in the process of buying up all my old favourite 360 and Wii games, plus stuff from that gen I skipped on, for pittances. I did the same with GameCube stuff a few years ago and those are starting to creep up in value again. Buying stuff from one generation ago is usually a good way to get loads of good games for cheap. A friend is selling me his old PS4, I’m just going to play Spider-Man and then when the PS5 comes in just go mad for the great stuff from this gen. Switch gets me buying new stuff fairly frequently though.


Most anticipated, announced Switch games?

  1. Metroid Prime 4
  2. Bayonetta 3
  3. Streets of rage 4
  4. Daemon X Machina
  5. Doom Eternal
  6. Yoshi
  7. Travis strikes again
  8. Luigi’s Mansion
  9. Animal Crossing
  10. Town (title TBC)

Virtua Racing, Saints Row 3, Pokemon RPG, Tales of Vesperia, Resident Evil 1&4, Trials Rising, Yokai Watch, Fire Emblem, Marvel Alliance 3… Gonna be a good year or 2.


1 Final Fantasy VII (I’ve never played it)
2 Team Sonic Racing
3 Super Mario Bros U DX
4 Metroid Prime
5 OutRun



Let me add Super Meat Boy 2 to that list.

  1. Metroid Prime 4
  2. Pokemon


Oh shit yes


Old games:
Resi games
Ff 7

New: Metroid prime 4, town, daemon x machina, yoshi, bayo3.


streets of rage 4 is the only announced thing I care about I think. Wouldn’t mind trying the real pokemon game when that comes out, haven’t played one since red on the gamebohy


I forgot Luigis Mansion 3 ffs.


I wasnt very excited for either pokemon lets go or smash but theyve been dominating my playtime

Nintendo ending a fairly tepid year on a high note


Intend to get Pokémon, but want to clear some of my backlog first ideally. Glad so many people on here have loved it, bodes well!




My nephew who is 6 and a half is getting a switch and he’s getting the usual suspects - mario kart, and odyssey and so on. His mum has suggested mario tennis but he also likes Pokémon. Do you reckon let’s go is accessible enough for that age group?




Pure lookin forward to Pokémon, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Metroid 4 and whatever Zelda is being cooked up atm. Ports wise I’m still waiting for A Hat In Time, where is it!?


Got my Switch, love it. I’ll add you all up so I have some frewnds.

Do any of you play Diablo on it? I’m really really enjoying it, picked it up for 35 notes from the eshop sale.


Is Let’s Go good or is it a bit kiddy?


It’s good.


It’s a remake of Pokemon Yellow. Like basically the same game but the graphics are nicer, Pokemon follow you around and you can stroke your Eevee or Pikachu whenever you want. If you liked the original game you’ll have fun, it’s not rock hard, but it’s not game breakingly easy, it’s a full RPG that’ll take you 30-40 hours if you’re relatively completest.

It’s probably my third favourite game on the system, after BOTW and Odyssey, but I’ve been planning to play the original again anyway and I like shiny Nintendo things with familiar characters.