Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is Now The Gris Appreciation Thread


Yeah, the app is pretty amazing actually, well optimised for the screen and the controls. I’m impressed.

Additionally, it fucked up a bit for me. Back in the old days, I had a YouTube channel account. It was understandably in my main username. But they did that fuckery with Google+ and made ity all shonky. Anyway, apparently that account was “linked” to my main account, but not actually my account. I had a “brand” account. So when I signed in - no subscriptions. Zero.

But then I discovered the above and merged them and now all sorted.


YouTube app is pretty solid


I’m really happy about this. Didn’t think I watched YouTube on the TV much until I disconnected my Wii U and now I realise we watched it loads



Bayonetta is good fun


Aye it is. Purists say it’s the better, tighter game of the 2 but for fun factor, I’d say the sequel is EVEN more fun.


Not sure if anyone is after a second set of JoyCon for looming Smash or Mario Party Christmas sessions, but the snazzy neon yellow ones are only £55 in Currys right now…


There’s a bundle coming out later this month of Mario Party with pink and green ones for £90, think I’m going to get that


Ah really? Damn!

I really, really like this shade of yellow though so I am ok with it. I have the Splatoon Pro Controller and those pink and green colours are wicked too.


This Pikachu dancer’s costume started to deflate and it looked like the dancer was urgently bundled off by government security agents.


So i got mario party and all rearing to go with 4 of us and the 2 joycons i got with the system bith started to refuse being identified as individual controllers. Neither if the mini shoulder buttons worked or registered inputs!


Did you sort this out? Had some initial issues with my Pro Controller with this. Turned out the WiFi was interfering.


Nope, different houses.

It worked when i first booted up the system but when we started mario party not everyone could declare themselves ready and that was that. The two old ones (that are paired together) refuse to register Left and Right shoulder inputs unless its the single player trigger.

So sad :frowning: so excited. Luckily Jackbox Party Pack 5 was on hand and its a brilliant one of those!

You Don’t Know Jack - Tweeks make this far more fun, Jack attack massively improved
Split The Room - Neat game where you need to come up with scenarios that’ll split the room, simple but very fun

But these 2 games stole the show

Mad Verse City - You are Robots partaking in rap battles with those around you complete with text to voice speech. You get given prompts to make your rhymes, its fucking amazing.

Patently Stupid - You get given a scenario, you need to secure funding by doing a pitch showing your invention. You need a name, a picture and a slogan. You then do a power point style pitch to the room. At the end you either get crowd sourced or not, it’s like Dragons Den the game!


Love Jackbox… Drawful, Fibbage, Quiplash and Trivia Murder Party in particular are great imo. Those two games you mentioned sound excellent!


I had no idea red dead redemption 2 is being released on switch this week!!!


Oh great! Now we can play horsies too!


Anyone got FAST RMX? I mentioned it to a mate and he went and bought it and now I’m interested in buying it too


I had it on Wii U. Same game more or less, though they slightly tweaked the handling I heard.

Looks great. Good course variety. Interesting switch mechanic which allows you to change the ship colour, so if you go over the corresponding shade you speed up, or the wrong one slows you down.

Plays somewhere between WipEout and F-Zero but it is pretty bloody hard. I beat the Entry level but couldn’t scratch the normal difficulty. Didn’t stop me enjoying it though.

Probably still one of the best looking games on Switch I’d say.


Didn’t realise Forgotton Anne had come over to Switch, that’ll be a definite purchase for me once I have disposable income again.


Yes please