Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


Yup, ur bad


You know what you need to do, right?


Jump on the blue rockets so they fire back at the boss while avoiding the red ones?


yeah. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t trying to hit the enemies themselves or something!


Oh I had tried loads of things before I figured this out, didn’t seem clear at all lol


Bought and completed Firewatch this week. Enjoyed that a lot.


to be fair, I consider myself to be fairly decent at the old Sonic and found that boss pretty tricky. pretty sure I abandoned a play through with Knuckles because I couldn’t do it, kept dying constantly and cba persisting.


It was much easier in the Plus version I think, at least in the encore mode.

For me it was the Flying Battery Act 2 boss that killed me.

I loved the encore mode in the game, but if you game over at a boss you’re kind of buggered, as you don’t get the companions back, just your lone self. Found that a bit annoying.

That music tho


Has anyone else had an issue with their Switch dock disconnecting?

Mine just cut out mid-game and now it won’t reconnect. The charger and HDMI cable are separately fine. Going to let it cool down and try again but it’s worrying.


I should really give the Plus version a go one of the these days, probably one to look out for in a sale :+1:


Can’t you get it as dlc for like 4 quid


not have that before, only issue I’ve had is the very occasional random controller disconnection but I suspect that’s because I sit quite a long way away and might occasionally go out of range, which is fair enough


probably, I’d quite like to get it for the Switch though and I got the base version of the game on the PS4 back in my Switch less days


Ah I see. Yeah I’m starting to make associations in my head with which games feel right for which platform. Like sonic feels like a switch game but I recently got cities skyline for PC as it feels more like a PC game! :slight_smile:


totally do that myself, was talking about the new Sonic Racing game earlier and reckon that’s a Switch game rather than a PS4 game

(hoping that it’ll be good, the last one was ace and I don’t fancy getting Mario Kart 8 after rinsing it on the Wii U)


Nope and have never heard of this. Faulty for sure. Nothing blocking the vents or anything? Best take it back to shop.


Yeah I’ve had a google and they’ve just sold me a duffer I think. Will take it back after Christmas.


Aw that sucks. At least you can do handheld for now though.


Ive got owl boy for Christmas off my girlfriend. Nice surprise :slight_smile:


Do you reckon they’ll do another Mario Kart on Switch and will it be like a cross between Smash and Splatoon 2 (eg. Dozens of characters, every track remastered from the series, supported online with no modes and tracks for a couple of years with paid DLC)?