Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


I would be disappointed if they didn’t have one, would assume it’d be the standard 16 new tracks / 16 remastered tracks with some DLC like with MK8.

hopefully they won’t try and pretend that MK8 counts as the Switch Mario Kart as I have no interest in getting that at all after playing it to death on the Wii U.


I bought it. I really wish I hadn’t, but it only cost £6 after I traded in Wolfenstein 2. Played it for all of about 4 hours.


Tbh that’s not far off 8 deluxe. 1080p/60fps. Tonnes of old and new tracks. Lots of characters. Full online most with voice chat (now). Great new battle mode. Other than adding even more tracks/chars it’s there.

I think they’re probably considering where to take the series next.


Well I suppose if they DID do a MK ultimate, with every character and track from the series, it would be pretty cool


Yeah I guess it’s more how much is it bigger than core Nintendo and how is it supported

There have been reasons to go back to Splatoon 2 each month and Smash blew open the roster. Characters from other games, consoles and series.

Wonder what MK9 would be like if you could be the Rocket League car, race a chocobo, be Snake on the bike from MGS3, etc. and that all comes with the fan service from Smash. Could be epic.

Would just be interested to see differing events, challenges, modes etc monthly. Reverse tracks. One day championships. Like Fortnite.


That’s already a thing.
Considering the sales mk8d is doing I can’t see mk9 coming out on Switch.
Have to remember the vast majority of switch players probably didn’t even know wii u existed.
Wouldn’t be surprised by some dlc.
Reckon 9 is already being worked on but for Switch 2.



Seriously though, would say any new MK would have to be in 2-3 years minimum and need some kind of new mechanic to make it worthwile. Fan service bundled on top would be great (the classic tracks are always fun) and events are a good idea, but I could equally see it becoming a mess if handled badly.


We have a new sonic racer coming, we dont need MK8 (providing the gimmick doesnt ruin the best kart racer)


I would totally just be up for a load of DLC rather than a sequel. Not sure it needs a big overhaul, but they’ve not put any DLC out yet for this or Odyssey, and you’d think they would by now.

A lot of their biggest selling franchises are out now, bar the Pokémon RPG and a 2D Mario, so I could see year 4 of Switch having a new Mario Kart…


Honestly reckon fzero is more realistic on Switch than another Mario kart.
For people absolutely busting for more karting games sonic and crash are both on the way.


I would LOVE a decent f zero game


I hope you’re right. I’d far prefer that personally too.

A fair few podcasts I listen to all think another Mario Kart on Switch is pretty nailed on, which is why I mentioned it. Guess time will tell…


I would take an HD remaster of the GameCube one with 32 player online racing


Aye just can’t see them wanting to cannibalise mk8d sales tho and if 9 releases on Switch it would be a looong wait for 10 on Switch 2.
Ah well sure it’s not like there aren’t loads of other games coming anyway.


The next Mario Kart is the mobile one, Mario Kart Tour isn’t it.


GUYS! The new sega racer might be amazing 4 real. Racing Transformed is the best kart racer ever made




Can’t believe sega isn’t porting it. Money left on the table



Thanks for the tip! I got this game for Christmas 1998, it’ll be nice to start it on my Switch exactly 20 years later. :blossom::skull::blossom: