Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


I’ve never played it but always heard great things.
I’ll bite at this price.
Interested to see if they go discount crazy this week.


Yeah, seems like it’s worth keeping an eye on this sale! I got Mario + Rabbids over the weekend too.

You can’t really go wrong with Grim at this price. Some obtuse puzzles (even for those who were raised on the LucasArts adventures) but worth it for the fantastic dialogue, art direction and soundtrack. I did buy the remaster for Mac a couple of years ago, but I’m more likely to play through the whole thing again on Switch.


By the maker of grim fandango


Bought. Brilliant price that.


Too good to ignore that


I’ve pretty much completed all of the levels and challenges on Mario and Rabbids now (maybe one more to do), which has been satisfying fun. They’ve also started competitions/challenges to do, with the chance to then go to Europe and compete against other folk. So I will be sure to do all of the challenges and have dreams of geeky computer game finals!

I’ve now finally started playing Overcooked 2, although on the whole it is very easy to get 3 stars. I read online that they introduced an expert/4 star option, but I can’t see how this is activated, despite downloading the update. Has anyone got this working on the Switch yet?


Got given a Nintendo voucher card. It only says WiiU and NDS in it but also Nintendo eShop… Will it work for my Switch?

Oh and Merry Christmas!




Hurray, Christmas is saved.


I got smash.

Fucked it though, haven’t I.


Ooh, lots of extra stuff on my watchlist are now on sale:
West Of Loathing
Civilization VI
Tricky Towers
Grim Fandango
The Escapists
The Banner Saga
Into The Breach
Sonic Mania


Got given Smash Bros for Christmas :slight_smile: will make the 10hr flight on Thursday much more enjoyable!


got Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu here, got as far as Viridian Forest. seems decent although my wife got bored of co-op pretty quickly cos she couldn’t do anything and got annoyed by me going in every house and talking to every person :smiley:

out of interest, is there any point to the tiny/huge Pokémon other than getting extra XP for catching them?


Well turns out I got myself the present of entry to the Let’s Go widows society, Mrs is utterly engrossed. Reckons she knew thats what she was getting and she steered me into it, like I don’t have a mind or free will! Between this and introducing her to BotW, I no longer have a Switch. Been good while it lasted.


Welcome to the club new Switch owners.
Feel free to add your friend code to the spreadsheet at top of thread and to add the rest of us as pals for online play etc.
Hope you have a great time with Switch!


Never actually confirmed this, but I presume their levels are different. So it’s huge, it’s got a higher level, therefore it’s harder and you get more XP to catch, and you have a stronger Pokemon to start with if you decide to train them/evolve them.

Playing coop is bollocks. It’s boring af to be the second player and makes battles game bustingly easy. A mode to introduce small kids to the game only


I didn’t find the battles much harder when I played on my own, but tbf I only ever came up against some bug catcher chumps with a solitary level 3 Weedle, reckon I could have fallen asleep and still beaten them


Yeah it’s piss easy for the first couple of badges. But since you end up not grinding at all to get there, the level of Pokemon you’re facing soon starts to catch up with you enough to make it engaging, and then challenging towards the end


The difficulty spikes after the 2nd badge


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