Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


About fucking time



I’m loving Into The Breach so much at the moment. Gosh I love a good ol’ turn based strategy game.



I’m sensitive to input lag, its neat but I wont risk having my switched killswitched for it


These sorts of things just always strike me as people proving they can do it. Nobody is really itching to play PS4 games on their Switch, it has its own library, and likewise nobody is really itching to shrink their PS4 games down to a form that’s only portable within their house.


Hacked wii and wiiu previously to be awesome emulation machines and rip my games to sd card/hdd to avoid disc swapping.
Once switch 2 is out I’ll give switch hacking a go. Absolutely not going to risk fucking it up now.
Stuff like this is very interesting. Nintendo should recruit some of these folks.


Im sure ninty can do it in house. All it is doing is implementing the kind of screenshare modern tvs have. If a device has wi fi or bluetooth it can recieve video wirelessly providing its got the rigjt codecs.and software installed.

But ive lived with many stream boxes so maybe im just numb to it. Would be cool playing Horizon zero Dawn on the toilet doe


In fact the wii u controller was exactly this!


Would be handy to use it with steam games. Get all the humble bundle games on the cheap then run them through Switch.
I meant hackers in general Nintendo should recruit - give them ethical hacking roles to find vulnerabilities etc.


Oh ye.


I bought a hard shell travel case yesterday guys, am I one of you now?

Picked up Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in the eShop sale the other day, really, really enjoying it. Probs gonna repay Xcom once I’ve finished with this. Downloaded Grim Fandango for a couple of quid as well.


Played Into The Breach from 10pm to 2am yesterday. Ridiculously addictive. A good turn is immensely satisfying, think I like it better than FTL even.


Looking for a strategy type game for the Switch and I already 100%ed Into the Breach on PC.

Tempted to get it again but is there anything else I’m missing out there?


I finally completed it for the first time the other day (wanting to complete it after having finished the other four islands), and have now just completed it with two and three islands also. It is incredibly satisfying when you do a really good turn, or agonise over a move and then suddenly inspiration hits.

Although I haven’t yet managed to progress to the other types of squads/mechs though. I tried one, but it instantly felt a lot harder than the original mechs, as I didn’t like their attack methods. But I think a big part of it is that I need to just play around with them until I know what their attacks will be without having to think about it every single move.


Steamworld Dig 2 is excellent and I highly recommend.

Mario & Rabbids, if you haven’t already got that.

and Bad North is supposed to be good/similar, I think, but I’m just waiting for that to go on sale. I’ve plenty of other unplayed games at the moment (I buy any ones I’m interested in as soon as they have a decent sale offer), so I’m not in a rush to buy it yet.


I tried out a few different squads but they didn’t really gel with me. I think I enjoy playing with the original squad because they are a bit like Advance Wars units.

Doubt I will play anymore once I have completed the final stage, but definitely feel like I have my money’s worth.


Steamworld Dig 2 is great but it aint bo stratergy game


Whoops, sorry, you’re right, I got my Steamworlds mixed up. I meant Steamworld Heist. (both are great games anyhow!)


Ah yes, the original squad is pretty much like Advance Wars! I spent so many hours with those games on my DS.

I think I’ll continue playing it for a while more, to get some of the other achievements, although I may just have to skip the other squads. Will see how it goes.