Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


Bear with me, but Disgaea 5 maybe? The plot is absolute nonsense, it’s a pure systems-heavy grid tactics game.


I don’t generally get on with JRPGs so it will have to come down in price a lot but I’ll keep an eye out.


I’m not really enjoying Gris. Feels like a game that only exists so people can put it in their Steam list of Games That Are Art Because I Am Very Intelligent. Bored.


There’s a demo on the eshop.
I found it unbearable myself but seems like a marmite game.


Bad North looks cool, cheers.

The obvious answer is Rabbids isn’t it. I’ll just have to get over my hatred of rabbids.


Try the demo. It’s barely a JPRG in a lot of ways, it really is just systems on a grid bereft of context. But in a good way.


Loving how long the typo has lasted in thread title though.


Yes it’s very pretty and etc. I do like the soundtrack, I’ve been rinsing that outside of the game.


Playing a lot of golf story, think it might be my ideal game. If I was good at having ideas and creating stuff it’s what I’d make, anyway.


That’s a shame, I really liked it.

The ending has stayed with me too, though I’m not sure I’d call huge chunks of it an actual ‘game’?


Yeah I think that’s what’s boring me. I don’t mind the occasional walking simulator or interactive audiovisual narrative wankathon but maybe I’m not in the mood for one right now.


I’ve avoided any previous interactions with the Rabbids before, so was quite surprised at how amusing they were in the game. The story/cut scenes were actually quite good.


Think Rabbid Peach would make a fun Smash addition or echo fighter.


so last night i had my first experience of Switch, at a mates house with a group of us playing Mario Kart and then Worms for a few hours

was so much fun i think i’m gonna have to buy one

good deal, this - console is £279 everywhere so effectively gets me Mario Kart for £10


I think you can do better than that in the January sales honestly. I got that deal plus Smash for 300 before Christmas, also from Curry’s.


Rattling through the games on that underappreciated switch games list upthread.

I’ve finished the main stories on Yoku’s thingemy (charming and original but short and the traversal mechanics aren’t slick enough for me to want to 100% it - one for the sales) and Oxenfree (good and spooky but again short).

I’ve now started West of Loathing and it has made me laugh more than any other game I can remember. I’m only 20 mins in!


I’m very much excited for this one:

Also, noticed on the eshop that in the Coming Soon section, Yoshi’s Crafted World has made an appearance, suggesting it may be a Q1 release. And my word, the screenshots they’ve given it make it look real pretty on the Switch screen.


Look at this Johnny-come-lately amirite lads?!


When are you cracking on with BotW?


Need to finish RDR2 first before I get cracking on another black hole of a game. Hopefully by the end of Jan.