Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


Oh right, some sort of two system turd, eh?

Ban him!


Excellent. I bought West of Loathing in the sales, so will be looking forward to that in a bit.


Bloody loved this game.
Have you done new game+?
Very worthwhile if you haven’t already.
Don’t want to spoil anything but things are a bit different.


I didn’t know this was a thing, cheers!


ZELDA IS THE BEST GAME EVER. </screams with blood shot eyes>

Got BoTW for Christmas and I’ve played like 40 hours already. with my girlfriend working nights and me being off work in London, had nothing else to do…I have no regrets.

Totally in love with the game, there is something that makes it not my favourite RPG of all time but it’s certainly close.


What is your favourite?


The Witcher 3, I think it’s all in setting and side quests. I think that BoTW is a better game, I just prefer W3.

I will give BoTW this, it is still surprising me a shit ton. I finally made it to the top right of the corner and just saw a square island by itself out there…can’t wait to go over there.


No word of a lie, it was still surprising me 150 hours in…


I’ve now got to the exact same point in Pokémon Let’s Go as I did when I replayed Pokémon Yellow and gave up because I cba any more (entrance to the Rock Tunnel in case you’re wondering). Not going to stop here, so that’s a positive sign, enjoying it and trying to figure out who I want in my team at the end of the game. Definitely having Snorlax once I can wake him up, but still some slots to be decided.

On the other hand, I’m still finding it really easy - Pikachu (named Kickachu because of my fondness of Double Kick) basically one hit kills pretty much anything regardless of type match up, so I’ve had to force myself not to use him unless absolutely necessary, as otherwise getting through an area with a load of trainers is just such a chore of mashing A.

Also, I just got that Judge function and was disappointed to find that the Bulbasaur I caught is absolute shite :frowning: I suspected as much from actually using it, but still :frowning:


Beat Gris.

Its super pretty, does some really cute things, is a good take of grieving but i was kinda realived ot finished when it did as i was really starting to lose interest after a couple of hours. Id give it a 7


Without a doubt a masterpiece. It’s so so rare to find these in gaming these days, I could gush over it for hours.

Dear Nintendo, thank you for play testing the shit out of your games before releasing them. Sorry Bethesda you can’t use that “but it’s a massive open world there are bound to be some bugs” line anymore.


DLC, talk to me, is it worth the 18 quid?


Got given an eshop voucher for Christmas so bought Donut County in a whim.

Bloody lovely game but super short. Reminded me of Monument Valley meets Katamari. Fun, but not worth the price it currently is.


I got a £25 voucher that had the scratching off fucked up so it is illegible. Waiting to hear from customer services if anything can be done. Aaarrddffff


Can someone explain to me how equipping weapons works in Skyrim please? Seems I can use zl or zr to equip stuff but also B, and there’s a shortcut menu? And what do the little icons next to weapons mean in your item menu?

(Also why didn’t they just map the 4-way submenu with items/map/magic to the d-pad?)


That square island is pretty cool. The feeling when I got there was amazing. I won’t spoil it.

But yeah, I was still finding new stuff near the end of my 200 hours I spent in it (including DLC). I did the ending after about 150 hours, spent about 40 hours pissing about levelling up loads of armour, which I enjoyed, then about 10 hours on the DLC.

DLC isn’t great, just more of the same stuff. The hero’s path for your map is pretty essential though, should have been included.

I love this game.


Well, yes and no.

I had fun with part 2 with the new Guardian Beast and final boss. Some decent side quests and attempts to mix up the formula too.

The best part is the Hero’s path which just shows you where you’ve been on the map, but it shouldn’t be DLC, rather a completion bonus.

First DLC was lots of tough maps and Conant scenarios. Had less fun with it, due to its sheer difficultly, but I know of some friends who loved it.

I’d say it’s broadly just more of the same with a clever final boss. If that appeals, go for it.


I’d say the mechanic change for the first 4 additional shrines really shines in that DLC pack. So simple and yet it made a big difference to how I played.


The opening of the DLC 2 was a genuine surprise and I loved it. Many people I know hated it though and bailed early doors. Real shame as it reminded me of tackling the Outposts in Far Cry 3 and was a great intro.


The first 50 hours or so of botw I’d say are up there the best I’ve had with a video game. Haven’t felt like that since I was a teenager. I don’t know how they did that.