Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


I hadn’t either, not since the days of Ocarina of Time. We were all comparing notes at work and seeing what we’d encountered, whilst Twitter was full of people swapping spoilered sightings of weird things respectfully.

I think it’s because mainstream games since really the 32-bit era have been getting easier and more linear. This came out at the perfect moment where people had fatigue of being patronised or guided. Even open world games like Assassin’s creed and GTA are gated off until you do X or held together by structured sequences of cut scenes.

BOTW was the first major franchise in decades to just say ‘you have everything you need, go explore’. I think that’s where the Dark Souls comparisons came from, but that game didnt have the reach of a Zelda. That feeling of having no map, no real focus, no guide or any items nagging you on the map was so liberating. Turning that HUD off was everything I wanted for years.

That’s what I loved about it more than anything. Freedom to explore and being treated like an adult for the first time in years.


so on my way home from work today i went to currys pc world with carphone warehouse and they’d run out of Switch + Mario Kart meaning I could’ve still got the deal but would’ve had to go back another time to pick up Mario Kart. so i said nah i’ll leave it

so let me know what good deals you see over the next few days :grin::+1:


I’d keep an eye on this page to see if anything comes up -


Adding y’all now, got Mario Kart and Smash so looking forward to some online soon


oh and my code is 3294-1796-1214


I’ll add you. Check the sheet up at the top


I have to agree, there is a wonder too it. Friend of mine and I have been both playing it in tandem so it’s been interesting to see what he’s done in comparison.


my wife went to the power plant on Pokémon Let’s Go yesterday and tried to catch Zapdos, wasted all c.60 ultra balls she had without getting it and was fuming.

I went to the power plant on Pokémon Let’s Go yesterday and tried to catch Zapdos, got it with my second throw. in a Premier ball :clap:


I assume she’s divorced you already?


So ive been playing Wandersong and its a delightful little adventure. The lworld is so fun, and whilst the puzzles are for the most part fairly easy its still a delight to play. Really fun adventure game, really funny in places.


I have an e-shop problem. I just keep getting games…

This weekend I picked up Gold Story. Still mostly played warframe.


Was well into Warframe but dropped it once Smash came out.
For free it’s a decent thing to have on there to dip in and out of in future for space ninja antics, dont think I’ll be bothered to do half the available stuff though.


Yeah, a lot of is urrgggly but there is something about collecting frames and farming prime parts that really hooked med. I have like 300 hours on the PS4 version. This one I can play in bed though so it’s better for me.


300+ hours. Damn. At least you’ve got your moneys worth… :grinning:


I must have put about 40 quid into it. It was worth it though, love that game. Couldn’t tell you exactly why I love it but I do.


Lumines is still so good!



Yoshi Crafted World - 29th March


Excellent, nothing much else happening that day!


Everybody stand down, Nintendo are going to honour my destroyed voucher card. Call off the boycott.