Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


M9 we were going to boycott you just FYI


Wonder if this means ‘hold your horses, no Direct for a while yet’ or ‘WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF YOU CAN HAVE THIS NOW’?


Great, we can all play Yoshi while we eat each other


Yeah, the Internet seems split on what it means.

Or a direct was cancelled


Nintendo Indirect: No Shots On Goal



One thing I have learnt is that I don’t want to play any NES games


Fair enough.
I like giving them a go now and then. There a decent ‘freebie’ to go with the cheap online sub for me.
At the rate their going all their big 1st party NES games will soon be on it and theyll need to move onto SNES.


I just want Pilotwings please

the pilotwings level on Smash has made me want it even more. Should have been on the the Mini really


It can be with the tiniest bit of hacking :wink:
I have the Super Star Wars trilogy and Chrono Trigger on mine :slight_smile:


Are any of the recent Yoshi games any good? Don’t think I’ve played one since the weird Yoshi Touch and Go on DS.

Have always lumped Yoshi in with Kirby as lesser Nintendo


Woolly World on Wii U/3ds is pretty great.
Not super action packed, just very charming/lovely and a fairly relaxing experience. Lots of collectibles too.


I CBA with all that - just want Nintendo to deliver it to my switch. Think it would be great on handheld .

On the SNES I used to switch off the music on the game and play my own chilled music, so relaxing


It really is as easy as downloading a program, a rom, plugging your SNES mini into your PC and hitting a ‘go’ button :slight_smile:
I’m sure they’ll bring it to Switch as some point.
There’s a Pilotwings games on 3ds too.


Especially the nes zelda games, they were pretty excruciatingly punishing even 25 years ago


Pokemon without context:





I’d take 300 NES games, or one SNES game.


It’s like 300 Legend of Zeldas when all you need is Link to the Past