Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


Zelda 2 is utter shite


Yes it is and STUPIDLY difficult.
This is how I know we aren’t in the worst possible timeline, because in that one Zelda 2 was a huge hit and all Zelda games followed it’s template rather than going back to the overhead style for ALTTP.


Can’t believe they didn’t update that delay post-death. Nearly stopped me playing it entirely and I had to put it aside for 6 months out of frustration back on Wii U. Otherwise, good game.

Gonna buy it, people?


Probably, on accounts of how I’m quite stupid.


Probably, but not until I’m done with a couple of backlog games.


I’m going to get this. What is this?


Hollow Knight is on sale again, £7.25.

Purchased but not installed yet, I’ve finally reached the point where I need to get a microSD card.


It’s not a huge deal, but if you’ve played Super Meat Boy, Guacamelee or Celeste, it’s irritating going back to an older platformer

Basically, everytime you die (and on the final 1/4 of the game, that was me. A lot.) you get a death animation, a summary of your score and get kicked out to the World Map where you then have to go back in. If you run out of lives, you also have to start from the beginning and not the checkpoints, IIRC.

Just means it’s hard to get a rhythm going and I found it very irritating.


Thats super disappointing to hear! All platformers should just ditch lives and just have a way to instantly jump back to the most recent screen. Its the refinement the genre needed to make it relevant again.


I really, really cannot believe they didn’t patch it out. It was made slightly more tolerable on Wii U because when you died, you got all the charming Miiverse posts from other hacked off people airing their tips and frustrations. Without that, it’ll just be an unwelcome break in play.

There are some great levels in this though. I can’t imagine the art style has aged well nor the insipid music, but a handful of the levels are up there with Mario 3 at it’s best.


But a platformer has to have good music nowa days, its like law or something… stares lovingly at Rayman Legends and Celeste


Not even close IMHO.
Still fun to be had with it of course.


The Van Gogh one is lush, isn’t it? Adored that. Or was I suckered in by the art style?


The background is lovely aye but the actual level isn’t great.
The NSMBU controls always felt a bit off too.
A lot of the levels made in the style of NSMBU in Mario maker improved on the game itself I felt.
It’s an okay game and there’s fun to be had in multilayer and with luigi thrown in too there’s lots of levels but the whole game is just okay.
The modern 2d Mario’s are like that though.


I found it an odd game. Loved chunks. Put it down in sheer irritation once. Never bothered with the Luigi DLC I downloaded.

I firmly believe their big 2020 game will be a proper 2D sequel to Super Mario World (not Yoshi’s Island) with a new art style and nod to the past games.


The 2d Mario games def need a shakeup. Platformers have moved on. Cuphead style visuals would be nice.
I’m sure NSMBU will sell well but I’m keener to have Mario 3d World brought over. The multilayer in that is better too imo.


Yeah it’s a far better game in general.


Think it’s fair to say that even with NSMBU deluxe launching, that the best 2d Mario game on switch comes as part of the Online subscription.


I found this frustrating in Tropical Freeze


Out of interest, for those that got it, what do you make of Football Manager 2019 for Switch so far? (@boothyfearssatan , @beeswing , @ohsubvertedworld I think you have all mentioned it?)

Anything you’d particularly like to see change for future versions?