Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


Hey! Everyone! The Celeste soundtrack is album of the day over on the music board! What a fab choice


Step 7 clubs available to manage pls :slight_smile:



Couldn’t get on with 10 at the time. Tried 10_2 and liked it even less. Is 12 any good?
No dates for 7 and 9?


Yeah 9 is the one I’m waiting on


I’m still waiting for them to remember that 8 exists tbh


might pick this up, ta :+1:


8 was good but the draw system was such a slog.
I’d like them to bring 6 over. And chrono trigger!


dunno whether to start south park, or mario rabbids, i’ve hit a bit of a wall with smash bros.

also I’ve never played a FF game cheers bye!


Quite fancy playing a JRPG…

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Octopath Traveler

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I say get the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 prequel which is cheaper and by all accounts better paced


I was thoroughly whelmed by it. Never finished it.


Critics tend to put XII in the top two or three in the whole series, for what it’s worth, and the remaster is supposed to be the most impressive by a long way. I just took an automatic disliking to it at the time as it was a big change to the series and the type of game I’d fallen in love with (same with VIII to an extent).

I could see myself giving it another shot if there’s a gap in the release schedule, but I’ve been gagging to play IX again ever since I lent it to a friend and he lost one of the discs. As a result, I only ever played it through once when I was a kid (unlike VII, which I’ve played through numerous times) and the nostalgia factor is strong.


I have devoted all of the free time I’ve had the last two nights on Hollow Knight. Very very good game.

I’ve subsequently stopped playing Smash and I don’t miss it, in fact I don’t think it’s for me really. Might part exchange it for Zelda.


Depends if you fancy a modern style rpg that has auto attack and a complex as hell system or a retro style rpg with active time battles. Give the octopath demo a bash if you haven’t already.


9 is brilliant and very underrated IMHO. Remember the backlash it got from people who’d only played 7 and 8 in rpg terms and were shocked that this had a fantasy rather than steam punk or futuristic settings.


I can assure you that 9 is far from underrated. 6, 7 & 9 are the 3 with the most reverence.

9 is incredible, I love how much charm it has, 7 just always left me super cold… especially the opening which is a DRAGGGGGGGGGGGGG


Fair enough. I’m speaking from my experiences at time of release. So obvs that’s not representative of everything especially once the Internet kicked in and people reevaulated it. Overlooked might have been a better way to put it. Any 7 and 8 fans I knew at the time dismissed it as childish or with some very derogatory terms. Being very late in the psones lifetime maybe hurt it too.
Haven’t played 12 onwards and found 10 so disappointing. 1 through 3 have aged so badly so this leaves 4 through 9 for me.


I have more affection for the opening 5 or 6 hours of FFVII than any other piece of media. You had to be there maaaan!


Same. Always thought it was a great intro. The quick cuts of the train and city then it zooms in and cloud jumps off the train. And the soundtrack! And the assault on the reactor.
Plus the rest of the game!
There’s no way the remake can ever be as good really