Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


I was there! I traded it in for A Bug’s Life :frowning:


you and me are very different people


Think you’ve just shot yourself in the foot there argument wise lol


Maybe it was because i was a lil older when final fantasy 9 came out, or the delightful music whenever the Jesters are on screen but I didn’t trade in Final Fantasy 9 for A Bug’s Life.

Nuff said




reckon FFVII is more responsible for me being politically left leaning and interested in music than anything else.



What did you think of 8 at the time?
Was 13 when ff7 came out so was well into it.


I remembered really enjoying 8. I dont know why, I never will, but 7 literally did nothing for me all 4 times I played it (over the years). I only got past the first disc once but completed 8 and 9 twice each.


I think I hate Cloud


Ah well. As long as you enjoyed the others. Hated the draw system in 8 and the whole story went off the rails for me.
How many times have you played through A Bug’s Life?


Probably about 50
I was a kid and had few games and really liked the movie and the game wasn’t awful

and it was like 3hrs long


I’d love them to bring xenogears over.


IX is technically a better game for sure but VII has much more heart




Remember having full blown arguments with a mate at school about which was better, 7 or 8. A main factor of both our positions was that Cloud/Squall was a worse character/bigger emo. Of course neither of us had played the other game. Teenagers, eh?

I’m Team Strife


You’re damn right.
Cloud had a better backstry too, both were serious but at least cloud had some levity (and comedy (ike honey bee Inn) whereas squall was just a prick full time.
All the lads in ff8 were awful imo. not counting Laguna as he’s not full time playable


Weirdly enough cloud’s story actually makes more sense than squall’s


Ok you’re sixteen but the headmaster who is robin williams from that film where he stands on the desk and talks about poetry is going to make you in charge of a military organisation that robin williams funded to kill his wife


“Let’s mosey!”

Squall couldn’t pull of a line like that. I rest my case.


Squall:"… "