Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


Squall: scratches head

Zell: does a little jig then punches the ground

no music


Irvine: “Yeeehawww! I’m the only cowboy in the world and also a sexual predator!”


Actually playing some of FVIII this year made me like squall a lot more. Everyone is a huge dick to him throughout the first disc.


Except the ladies though. The ff7 and 8 ladies love grumpy manchildren.


Remembered overnight that (when I eventually played a bit of FF8) me and this mate made an invisionfree forum called We Love Norg for kicks. The only rules were you had to post about and love Norg. Then as admins we both banned each other from the site for 1000 years. Looks like invisionfree is gone these days but here’s the banner we made

We were so cool


Kirby’s Adventure and Super Mario Bros. 2 are the glaring omissions and tbh the only ones I’m after.

Would fare better at completing / bothering with Zelda II as a portable… I’m gonna go all in and guess this will come with an SP version that makes it so much easier post-1980s.


I’m really loving Gold Story, it feels really polished for an indie. In other news I’m paragon 45 on Diablo and already played too much Warframe to be healthy.

I picked up a little adapter that means I can use my xbox/ps4 pads with my switch. It seemed like a better choice than having yet another controller kicking about the living room.


Yeah those are the two big 1st party ones really.
For 3rd parties:
It’d be nice to have Castlevania, Contra and that on. Think we can rule out Megaman now MMLC’s are on the eshop.
Hope there’s an SP version of Zelda 2 - being able to do save states is a help but its punishing to the point of zero fun.


I’ve not put as much time into it as I’d have liked (with it coming just pre Smash, and then not having that much time for gaming in general). So in total I’ve just played one season (a glorious promotion for Bath City). Think my early impressions of the left hand menu system still stand, but you said then that that was something you were already aware of.

Runs smoothly enough though, and I like being able to set assistant manager to do stuff, as otherwise it just becomes overwhelming.


Was weirdly taken aback when I saw how much Nintendo want for the super Mario game they released today. I need to stop being surprised by this stuff but… Fucking hell.


Not even sure if I could be arsed with it at 30 notes tbh. Looks like quite an uninspired game compared with what else is available platforming wise rn. Put it this way, would sooner spend 60 euros on Celeste or even hollow knight


have beaten the so called “Elite” Four on Pokémon Let’s Go with this set of absolute boys:


going to go catch a Dratini now, evolve it into Dragonite and call it Gunnersaurus


I’ve just got to the fourth gym on it, really enjoying it now after a slow start.

Also loving Mario Kart.

Smash Ultimate however… I think I’m bored with after 15 (fun) hours :disappointed_relieved:


yeah it definitely becomes more of a challenge once you get into it, which helps.

I kind of regret not changing my team up a bit more - dropped Pidgeot for Articuno and Blastoise for Snorlax once I got them but other than that it’s the same I had from like the third gym. should have got a Gengar or Alakazam.


Did you keep Eevee/Pikachu through the whole thing?


yeah kept Pikachu for the duration, not really any good but was always a few levels ahead so was good to have up my sleeve should the rest of the team get into trouble. plus looked like a boss with the outfit I gave him and finishing off a battle with Double Kick is pretty smug if you ask me.

don’t think I even bothered evolving Eevee when I got one. not yet anyway.



yes! good games on the switch at last!


what the absolute fuck is the deal with having to catch Pokémon you transfer from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go? I’ve already caught them once ffs, and Gengar has just wasted like 40 ultra balls and then ran away like an absolute ghost wanker. ARGH.


I’d be hugely surprised if this hadn’t been on the cards. Always felt like a matter of when, not if.