Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


Ooh, was playing over the weekend, and something came up.

I reckon I’ve been conceding a lot of late goals, but would be good to have some statistical proof of this before I start amending my tactics. Is there a screen somewhere that shows at what times you’ve been conceding goals over a season?


Hmmm… closest thing I can think of would be either the Team Report screen itself, or, if you go Tactics > Analysis > Formations/Last Match, that will show a more detailed statistical breakdown of things that have happened in the past however many matches.

Not sure if there’s something that will explicitly show you what times you have been conceding goals in a concise and clear way though…


I am completely unaware of any mega sale coming up, but quite a few people have asked us for one via various social media channels… The previous FM18 went on sale during the WC, iirc. But ultimately, we don’t have any say/knowledge of when it goes on sale as that’s more Nintendo/SEGA’s responsibility.

It is fully worth 30 pounds though, and recently there was someone on the Sports Interactive forums who said that they would buy both a digital and physical copy of FM19 for Switch to show their “support for the company”, and I only wish you had that mentality @Juke.


Yeah, I found those screens, and I could go back through them to get the information I’m after. But I think that would be a useful addition, not sure whether its in the full version or not.


If bergkamp suggests this as a feature for next years version I hope you get a free game code in return :slight_smile:


Not sure if it had already been confirmed by the planmed Celeste dlc will be free. All the more reason to love that lil game


Hey, I have given SI my money every year since I was 10, as well as any chance of good GCSE results.

Shame there’s no editor, half of my joy comes from mucking around with that. I haven’t bought 2019 in any format yet so will have a think as to what suits best.



My new hero



Took me forever to get through that room!


I really hope I run out of indie titles to buy. I picked up Hollow Knight. I love it.

I think the only thing I regret buying so far is Cat RPG and even then it was like 3 quid. Less than the price of a pint and I’ve played it for longer than it takes to drink a pint.


was sort of expecting him to dab at the end


What are the goodest games for playing whilst listening to podcasts


I’ve recently been enjoying The Next Penelope. It’s kind of like a Micro Machines version of F Zero, but with some 2D shoot-em-up levels also. Nice and challenging too.

(Not in relation to the podcast question above. It’d be too frantic to play whilst listening to a podcast)




Pilotwings! yes!!!


Haha I had forgotten you were itching to play that. They’ll probably still slow drip the release of these but at least it looks like it should be coming.


Diablo has been mine.


Best to be a little wary at this stage, mates. Nintendo seem happy slowly adding three new NES games every month. The datamining shows that they have got moreorless the same titles lined up as were on the SNES mini, but it doesn’t mean that they’re planning a release this year or even next.

I’ve been burned by similar datamining in the past. Never did get the damned ice key in Banjo Kazooie :frowning:


Bought Lumines to play on the train last weekend. Don’t think I’ve ever been so shit at any game that isn’t FIFA. Quite baffling really as I’m pretty decent at Tetris and it seems like the skills should be fairly transferrable.

Also got the Rogue Trooper remake in the Christmas sale because I’m a big 2000AD nerd and always heard good things. Found it quite frustrating handheld and haven’t bothered playing it on the telly yet.


Haha yep thats why i chose my words carefull and didnt say ‘these are def coming folks’ :slight_smile:
If it does prove to be true Im quite happy that thyve mixed it up a bit from Snes Mini rather than just being the same.

On Snes Mini but Not in this Switch list:
Donkey Kong Country
Final Fantasy 6
Megaman X
Secret of Mana
Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Super Castlevania 4
Super Mario RPG

In this Switch List But Not On Snes Mini (legally)
Super Soccer
Demons Crest
Stunt Race FX
Pop N Twinbee
Kirbys Dreamland 3
Breath Of Fire 2
Super Mario All Stars
The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja

On both Snes Mini and Switch (allegedly)
Super Mario Kart
Zelda: a link to the past
Yoshis island
kirbys dream course
kirby super star
star fox
star fox 2
contra 3
super metroid
super mario world
super ghouls n ghosts

So some pretty big hitters dropped out en route from Snes Mini to Switch (allegedly) but understandable for stuff like SF and megaman which have compilations out on Switch. A few good replacements like Mario Allstars too.