Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


I think the first hour is a cut scene.


I don’t think I can make it through that.


About 20 minutes, but the first hour or so is basically tutorial.


It’s fucking brilliant.
Yes the initial cutscene is long but they arent constant after that and are spaced out.


I wanted it for the Wii so maybe I will go for it.


Gonna go out on a limb here and say that with this being the HD remaster, portable and has Switch exclusive touch controls for the celestial brush:
this is the DEFINITIVE version.


One of you lot was singing the praises of The Way before right?
Who was it and please give me the details.
Its down to 89p.


I noticed this last night - top of the sales chart with that discount. No idea what it’s all about though.


Like a modern-ish Flashback I think.


Completed The Gardens Between last night.

Lovely little puzzle game that asks you to bend time to allow a couple of teenagers to make it through a 3D rotating landscape of their fragmented memories. Looks incredible at almost every turn; took dozens of screenshots. Lovely sound effects and theme too.

Mostly fairly obvious stuff though I did have to resort to trial and error twice and a walkthrough once. It’s short, but that didn’t bother me; well worth getting in a sale and spending a few hours with.


That game is beautiful and pretty fun, can be very tedious at times but yeah totally worth it for people into pretty puzzles


It was me. I really enjoyed it, especially at that price. It’s just an old school type Flashback game. You’ll only play through it the once, but it’s easily worth the price, especially if you like any sci fi sort of settings/story.


Hope this is true as that game deserves reaching a far greater audience. Easily one of the top 3 Wii U games. Would prefer a trilogy rerelease personally to play the first 2, but hey.

Not sure how they’ll pull off the two best control methods in it though on Switch.


Pikmin is a massive gap in my Nintendo history, would love a trilogy to come through.


It was in mine too until 3. Was pretty much the last game I played on the Wii U before I boxed it up as I just never thought it would appeal to me. How stupid I was. It’s brilliant.


Picked up Wargroove because everyone on the Internet as a boner about it. I’m enjoying it, but kinda wish I’d picked up Tangledeep instead.


Assassins Creed III remastered is listed on the ubisoft site now so a direct is pretty much absolute this week


Hollow Knight dlc being teased for announcement this week too.
The rumoured Feb 13th Direct sounds plasuible.
Reckon we would have had one sooner but for the Metroid stuff, reckon they wanted the dust to settle on that first.


Pretty much guaranteed as I can’t be at my desk to watch it any day this week.


This looks gorgeous and right up my street: