Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Pokemon Sword and @Sheeldz fan thread


more likely:

  • online features
  • netflix
  • persona
  • animal crossing
  • mother port or new game
  • hardware announcement
  • pokemon
  • other

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Pretty much guaranteed it’s the lad from Dragon Quest though aint it.


hope not



Top 3 ideal dlc fighters?


Leon Kennedy


Gone with 4 as there’s 4 DLC spots left:



Image result for tingle

Tom Nook

Sand Bag


Snorlax if we have to have another poke

  • Only if they bring RE2 to switch in some form or other.
  • Aye
  • :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Reckon they’ll be a new Fire Emblemer, a new Pokemon and the others will be 3rd party characters thatll either blow our minds or massively dissapont. If DQ guy is real it only leaves one more slot and Im going to say: Amaterasu as I love Okami and a non humanoid character would be very cool.


Would love another Final Fantasy character because I am a massive nerd

Also Solaire, because we don’t have enough characters with swords


we´ll get more fucking fire emblem characters and we´ll be happy with it


Cid or another dragoon character would be good or Tifa/Zell style brawlers.



There he is!


tell you what would be fucking sweet - pokemon trainer style broodals character


I’d love them to add more support characters too.
Aye Guile is class but imagine Honda flying headbutt into 100 hand slap!
Or more indie characters as support.


Nice. Reckon they should have Pokemon trainer with 3 poke from the next game due out so people get 3 for the price of 1.
I would also not be averse to these dlc fighters coming with classic mode specific bosses.
Still reckon Viewtiful Joe would make for a class Smash character.


Yep this would be ace


For me, it has to be

  • Minecraft lad
  • akira from virtua fighter
  • labo fighter
  • bomberman


Already in as support fighters but then so is Waluigi so :man_shrugging:
Someone from Tekken might be a goer tho.