Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


You know what series I’d like to see on the Switch? Darksiders.

Also Path of Exile.


So as I understand, one of the switch bonuses is the ability to play in the evening sat on the sofa, whilst gfs and bfs and others across the land watch people bake things on TV, and everyone is happy.

But how does the volume work? Are you all headphoned up? In which case you might as well set it up in the spare room anyway.

Or are you annoying them with lukeloud tinny audio like someone playing a game boy in the back seat of the car in the 90s.


Anyone had their left joycon start acting as if you’re pressing up when you’re not?




i think your switch should still be under EU warranty though, so might be worth just sending it in and getting it fixed or replaced


Cheers pal


Headphones for me. I think sharing the same space is much more companionable and you can each pause and chat sometimes. Works for me.


Had it with both Joycons. If calibration doesn’t work in the settings menu, you’ll need to send it off to Nintendo for repair.


Oh ffs. I’m definitely gonna just buy a new pair instead of send them off because I’m an idiot.


I’ve done both options (was without a left Joycons to go to Taiwan last week so bought a new pair). It’s free if you’re in warranty and send your proof of purchase.


Mute, always. Doesn’t really matter for me, I’m partly deaf anyway.

I got called out on complaining about games not accomodating my play style it in the old thread too.




Last one they’ve not done an HD remaster of.

Zelda collection coming next year?


As someone who only played BotW, (this might be a silly question) are the older 3D ones that have been remastered holding up?


The Wind Waker remaster is very charming. It still feels like it did when it was released (great, but with chunks of action edited out where Nintendo were trying to get it released on time) but it always felt like a game that knew its limitations and embraced rather than hid them.

Can’t really speak about the others. I’d love to think that Ocarina of Time is still brilliant but I don’t think I’ve touched it in nearly twenty years now.


Apparently FM19 is out now @Antpocalypsenow.


You’ll have to ask @bergkamp



(I did know that really, just didn’t want to steal his fanfare)


The 3DS remasters still hold up IMHO - the tweaks to UI definitely improve things as well.

Have to make a few allowances for the camera etc, but it’s a testament to how well Nintendo handled the move to 3D adventuring really.